The Nifty Thrifty: Hutch, Lounge, and Hangers

Surprisingly, we had a pretty successful week of thifting, even though we had packing to do, visiting relatives, a wedding to go to, and a puppy to train (we're a bit late in posting due to all those things though).  We've also been organizing for a huge yard sale, which will be happening this weekend (more on that another day).

This week we found a few nice big pieces for us and some little things to sell...

There's something very farm-like about this picture.

We found this solid walnut hutch at the Salvation Army early this week.  Julia was out walking the puppy while I was quickly browsing the back annex of the Salvation Army, and I came upon this piece for $150.  It doesn't have any label on it, but it's really cool.  We'll definitely be keeping this for our next apartment to finally replace our IKEA bookshelf.

Learn more about the flag here.

We went to an estate sale on Saturday, and found this homemade pillow with the "First Navy Jack," a naval flag dating back to 1880.  The phrase "Don't tread on me" and the snake appear on several different flags, and the message is pretty clear: let me be or I'll bite back.

Just allow yourself to get lost in the flowers.

These are our silly purchases of the week; well, actually we only bought the lamp.  Apparently bringing a puppy with you wherever you go yields unending perks.  At every store and estate sale we've brought the puppy to we've been greeted with happy faces and great prices.  The tin box on the right was just given to us by someone who was running the estate sale where we found it.  The crazy orange lamp was also quite inexpensive at a thrift store in Rockport, and who doesn't like hilarious tripod lamps?  :)

Clip... clip.

These hangers are a welcome find; we've been looking for these for quite awhile now.  Vintage wood hangers like these are a great way to display artwork and they will be an attractive option for us to photograph any paper items we'd like to sell on Etsy. We picked these up at the same estate sale with the pillow and the flower tin.

Now that's something to nap in.

No, it's not an Eames lounge, but it's the next best thing, and it's even a recliner!? Odo, the puppy, helped us out with this find this week as well.  I buying the perfect dog crate for Odo at a local Salem thrift store, Lifebridge, and as I was leaving I spotted this chair that had just come out from the back room.  It hadn't been priced yet, so I went over to the lady at the register, and I inquired about buying it.    She played with the puppy, and we talked her down to $125.  We've been looking for an Eames lounge for some time, We love the wood on this one, and tan leather is just so comfy.  Reproduction or not, it's an awesome chair.

What do you think? Have you ever seen an Eames style recliner like ours or do you know anything about it? Have you found that cute pets (or babies?) get you better deals?

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  1. Congrats on the chair. I have only seen a picture of one before. I am not sure of the maker but I would guess it's by Selig.

  2. That hutch and chair! Spectacular finds! :) As always.


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