Etsy Besties: Father's Day Wishlist Items

I may not be a dad, but I've got two (Step and Bio), and I own a cat... Anyway, I figured since I'm a guy, and most people have difficulties finding cool gifts for dads, I might just fill you in on some cool things you might not have thought about as gifts.  And I'll do my best to not break the bank while doing it; as you well know we do it thrifty!

So of course you should think food, and that could mean all sorts of things, but remember, culinary gifts are great because everyone eats.  One kitchen item I've been looking for is a good pepper mill, and I've found a few cool ones your dad (husband, brother, whoever else...) might be interested in.

OneTeak Mini Pepper or Salt Mill - Tre Spade - Velvet Pouch - Italy - Pocket or Purse Size - $10

How about $10 for a thrifty gift?

Italian Travel Pocket Peppermill w/Leather Pouch Unique - $40

I'm not exactly sure what the Italian's affinity with travel pepper mills is, but I would love one.

Luthje Wood Cutting Board with Knife Denmark Barware - $12

A good cutting board can be a mans best friend.  Think of all the meats and cheeses you could slice up, and nom on.

Mid-Centuy Teak Toothpick Holder, Denmark Maison Gourmet Puffer Fish - $28

I just love this, and many dads like a good toothpick now and again.  It'd look great in the kitchen or the office.

Mid Century Teak Bull - $55

This is basically the same idea, but has a bit more flare.  You do pay for it though.

Skewer Set Mid Century Stainless Steel Japan - $20

Great for your next bbq.  I love to grill and so do most men I know, add some chivalry, and we're there!

Vintage Cocktail Picks / 8 Swords in Holder - $18

For some reason I just can't get over how cool these cocktail swords are.  I'd love to have some marinated mushrooms, olives, pickles, cheeses... I'm getting hungry.

Now for some cool stuff for Dad's office.

Handmade, Mid Century, Walnut Letter Holder and Opener Desk Set - $60

Every once in a while I find something I just about can't live without.  This is one of those times.  Please buy this so I don't!

The gatekeeper - $36

This is easily the coolest catch-all I've ever seen, and would make a very classy addition to any dad's desk.

Vintage Teak Divided Tray - $22

I realize that I added one of these to my last post, but they're just too cool.  I'd love to have one of these as a catch all in an office, or the front hallway for my keys.

Vintage Koa Hammerhead shark with genuine shark teeth - $34

I have a wood carved hammerhead shark with genuine shark teeth, and it's one of the coolest items I own.  Buy this for your dad!

Vintage Mid Century Modern teak wood orb - $26

This would be a very cool addition to any office, and would make a dad feel very cool when he reaches for a pen.

Vintage Mod Atomic Science Molecular Model Sculpture - $25

Is your dad the science type?  He'd probably love this vintage molecular sculpture.

Park Sherman MOD Cork Pencil holder - $19

These cork pencil holders are classy, vintage, and very welcome on my desk anytime.

Perhaps you have a dad who likes interactive gifts?

1977 John Hansen Gammon Games - GO: A Game of Oriental Strategy - $17

Does your dad like games?  The Game of Go is a very cool classic Chinese strategy game.  Spend some time, and play a cool game with dad.  Great for an evening of fun, but takes a lifetime to master.
You can usually find these between $10 and $30

3D Rolling Ball Maze Puzzle Cube - Escher's Playground - $30

I love fun sculptural toys like this, and if you have an artist, an architect, an engineer, or a big kid for a father he'll love this too.  Boys and their toys...

Vintage NFL Wilson Football Pete Rozelle Leather Man Cave Mid Century Modern Fathers Day Gift - $35

I'm not a huge sports fan, but this is cool.  Very cool.  A good football is like a fine wine...

And of course, dad can always use a drink to help him relax, and remember how thoughtful his children are, and how appreciated he is.

ice bucket mid century danish modern style ice bucket with lid - $68

I love these old teak ice buckets, even if I've never used an ice bucket.

Vintage // Stelton // Bottle opener // Danish // Stainless steel - $19

A weapon or a bottle opener... you choose.  Dad's love a good weighty object... especially when it brings tidings of beer.

Mid Century Modern Wine Opener Rosewood , teak and chrome plated steel - $15

Ya know, in case beer isn't your thing.  I particularly like myself a good bordeaux.

Pyrex Glass Beaker Carafe with Cork Stopper - $25

...And I thought I might actually write a post that didn't include some vintage PYREX.  Oh well, these are very cool, and would be great with a tasty beverage.

Vintage Cocktail Set for the VIP - $28

As if dad was anything but a VIP.  Remind him.

...And now I'm going to shamelessly plug our own items!

Set of 8 Vintage Pheasant Hunting Glasses - Mid Century Hazel Atlas Barware - Wild Game HIghball - $35

Does your dad like to hunt, or perhaps he just likes having a beverage in style.  Him and his seven friends that is.

Vintage Solid Brass Dice - Paperweights - $20

These are awesome!  I almost don't mind if they don't sell because they are so much fun to fiddle with.  I definitely recommend getting these as a gift for a dad who likes to gamble, or who just likes that lifestyle.

Japanese Alligator Match Catch - $45

If I didn't have one already I'd never sell this.  If your dad uses matches for anything get him this so he too can use the best form of match disposal!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my selection of vintage fathers day gift ideas.  If you find something on Etsy that would be a particularly cool fathers day gift for under $75 let us know!  We might even add it to the post.


  1. Great list, and thank you for including my pyrex decanter! What a nice surprise.


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