Bella's Birthday

Our lovely kitty Bella had her third birthday the other day, and we took the opportunity to upgrade her little corner of our eating space. Little by little, we are always working to improve every bit of our living space, and this is just one small example of how we try to trade out average stuff for things that are really "us" (and Bella of course).

Here's Bella's food area between our kitchen cabinet and the bookshelf, all dressed up with her new food and water dish we bought on Etsy from owlcove:

This cool little stainless steel and wood set was probably made for condiments, but as soon as we saw it on Etsy we both immediately knew it would be perfect for Bella's food and water.

I love how the bowls are suspended just above the floor.

As Chris puts it, "A more mature cat dish for a more mature cat."

Don't you think it's just a bit classier, and fits into our space a little better than these...

We used to use these two mismatched yard sale finds, an "Attack Cat" water dish and a "Good Cat" food dish.

Looks like we were sending Bella some mixed signals...

They were fun and colorful, but not super stylish. Plus Bella always left uneaten kibbles in the corners of her dish, so we think she didn't like reaching into those 90ยบ angles with her little nose. We're hoping the rounded shape of the new dish will be more to her delicate tastes.

But for the real test, we sent Bella in to try it out...

Happy Birthday, Bella!



  1. Happy Birthday, sweet kitty!
    Enjoy the calm before the storm.

  2. How sweet! The new bowls fit your style more!

  3. can you help me do a reno-cat-ion/ cat-ovation/ re-cat-novation: a cat renovation, on my apartment?

  4. Also that dish is really nice and reminds me of this wood and metal shallow dish you guys had on your etsy acount a while back. Hope you are well. Your apartment is AWESOME. jealous. XO

  5. I LOVE that you did this for her birthday. So sweet. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who concerns themselves with seemingly silly things such as cat bowls. I also have been on the hunt for perfect kitty (and doggie) bowls for a while now. I didn't even think to look on etsy. Duh, right?! I love what you found. Just perfect!


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