Vintage in the Kitchen and Some Liebster Blog Love

First off, we were very excited to have our home and Etsy shop featured on Go Haus Go (one of our favorite home design / DIY blogs) yesterday! You should all pop on over there and check it out!

We have a few things we would like to share today: a little peek into the vintage wares we collect in our own kitchen, and then we'll be sharing the love with some Liebster Blog Award action!

Let's jump into our newly colorful and organized kitchen cupboard...

Our kitchen is one area of our apartment that we generally avoid blogging about, because it's just not very attractive. It's a very small galley kitchen with mismatched cupboards and just nothing particularly exciting going on. Plus it's hard to photograph since the light isn't great and there's not much room to move around. Still, I managed to shove myself against one side, bring in some extra light, and snap a few shots. As you can see, this cabinet holds all our pots, pans, casseroles, plastic storage, and general cooking stuff, and it had all been a big ugly mess of metal and plastic up until recently. Sorry for the lack of before pictures... it was just so unattractive I never imagined we would post about it until it was already all cleaned up.

Chris and I realized how silly it was that we have a huge inventory of beautiful vintage Pyrex that's for sale in our Etsy shop, and yet we hadn't picked out any to keep for ourselves to use in our own kitchen! So we traded up a few of our old pans and dishes to add some quality Pyrex to the other few nice vintage pieces we had already decided to keep but hadn't organized properly before.

On the top shelf we have a Fire King Swiss Chalet casserole that matches our dishes (more on those later) and a colorful vintage pitcher Chris picked up at a thrift store awhile back. There's a bright orange salad spinner we thrifted, and the bottom shelf houses a big Golden Grapes promotional cinderella mixing bowl along with our set of Revere ware pans I bought at a yard sale last summer for $5.

Zooming in on my favorite part...

The middle shelf holds my lovely yellow Dansk Kobenstyle paella pan that Chris got me for Valentine's Day this year (he actually bought three Kobenstyle pans, from which I chose one to keep, and we sold the other two on Etsy). He knows me too well. Then there is a classic aqua Pyrex casserole we decided to keep for ourselves, a cool big glass beaker Chris bought at a yard sale, and a beautiful pink Pyrex baking pan we originally bought to sell, but decided to keep for ourselves to replace my old metal baking pan.

Part of our goal with thrifting has always been to trade out our old not-as-cool stuff for better quality and style vintage stuff. In most areas we were still doing this, expect we had totally forgotten to keep doing this in our kitchen, which is ironic since the majority of what we sell on Etsy is beautiful vintage kitchenware! Problem solved.

Moving on to our everyday dishes...

This is one area we have not skimped on, since I have been collecting Stetson Marcrest Swiss Chalet dishes for awhile now, in addition to an assortment of other vintage thrifted dishes. Look at all those pretty dishes stacked up so nicely! Strangely enough, t my mom grew up with Swiss Chalet dishes when she was a kid, and I had no idea until I posted about my collection and she recognized them! I guess I was destined to collect them and I didn't even know it.

This is actually a really cute cabinet with glass windows in the cabinet door, which faces out of the kitchen towards the kitchen table, but it is almost impossible to take a picture of the whole thing, so I just focused on the interior.

The majority of my Swiss Chalet collection came from the Salvation Army, where I bought a set with 42 pieces for $40 (I posted about it here). The rest was thrifted here and there, starting with one plate I bought on a whim at a garage sale last summer without knowing what it was. We probably find a new piece or two every other week these days. We now have way more than we could ever use at once, plus some Kathie Winkle bowls and plates (read about them in this post), an assortment of little colorful lotus bowls, and tons of vintage mugs and glasses (which we posted about a couple months ago here). I don't think we have any dishes that we actually bought new at this point!

I love these two little Menschik Goldman bee measuring cups from the 1950's. I have two identical 1 cup pieces (one I bought a long time ago because I thought it was cute, and the other I picked up the other day for $1 at a new thrift store we just discovered a few blocks from our apartment). Originally these measuring cups came in sets that stacked upside down to make a full beehive. I'm definitely on the lookout for more so I can complete my set, but I love them on their own, too!

While I was in the kitchen I just snapped this quick picture of our fridge, which is covered in magnetic poetry and funny little things that Chris sticks up there, like this "I said watch the gap" moment, brought to you by an old subway stub and Chris's imagination.

Now it's your turn to dish (haha.. dish.. get it? get it?)... Do you use vintage dishes in your kitchen? Do you have a specific pattern or color you look for? Where do you find it? Have you come up with any great ways to display your collection?

And now that I have written a book on a few things in our kitchen, let's get to the fun blog award stuff!

We've been awarded the Liebster Blog! Three times! As usual, we are a little tardy in posting about it since we received the awards in March and April. We figured we would wrap all three awards into one big thing, and do it all at once.

Here's how it works:
1. Thank the Liebster Award presenter on your blog.
2. Link back to the presenter on your blog.
3. Copy and paste your blog award on your blog.
4. Present the Liebster Award to 5 other blogs with 200 followers or less who you feel deserve to be noticed.
5. Let them know they've been chosen by leaving a comment on their blog.

Be sure to check out the fantastic blogs that awarded us, as well as the five awesome blogs we have chosen to award!!

First and foremost, a great big thank you to our award presenters:
Go Haus Go (yes, the same one who featured us yesterday), who liebstered us back in March.
Thrift Shopper for Peace, a fun thrift blog, who liebstered us in April.
Living Rich on the Cheap, a lovely thrifty blog, who liebstered us in April.
Thank you all so much for reading our little blog and spreading some love our way :)

And now may we present five blogs in no particular order that totally deserve the Liebster Award they are receiving from us:

1. Tatter and Fray - This is one of our favorite thrift blogs. Heather has great taste, and we love reading her "Thrift Report" every Sunday to see her newest vintage treasures. She also has a fantastic Etsy shop you should check out!

2. Crocodile Tears - For locals in the Boston area looking for vintage furniture, this blog is a must read. Keyse posts tons of awesome mid century craigslist finds just about every day. We've had a few of our pieces that we sold on craigslist featured, and buyers even mentioned that they found them through her blog!

3. Froog and Doog - This hilarious blog, named after two very silly dogs, chronicles thrifted finds, some DIY, and an amazingly epic vintage Pyrex collection. I love her writing style and whimsical photos.

4. Happiness Is... - A little departure from the thrifting theme we have going here, this blog is just plain fun. Basically every post is a completion of the "Happiness is..." sentence, and she fills in that blank with lots of beautiful art, and all sorts of interesting and amusing things from around the web. If you count her twitter followers, this blog is way over the size limit, so I'm just pretending that the rules only count the "Google Friend Connect" people, so I can share this super fun blog with you!

5. PDX Picker - We always appreciate a blog written by a guy in this very woman-dominated shelter blog world, and we especially like this thrifty blog written by Portland, OR picker Chris Davidson. He is really knowledgable, and he finds and sells tons of amazing stuff.

Go forth and check them out! They're awesome little blogs!
Thanks again to Go Haus GoThrift Shopper for Peace, and Living Rich on the Cheap for making us feel like all this time we spend blogging is worth it!


  1. Thank you for the honor!! I'm humbled that you think so highly of my writing and photography. It truly made my week, as it has been rough.

    Oh yeah, I want to live on your shelves! The Kobenstyle pans are amazing!

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