Trot Trot To Brimfield... And Home Again

Update: the Nifty Thrifty is up! To see what we thrifted this week (at Brimfield and elsewhere) click here! And a new "It's Alive-ing Space" is up here with even more Brimfield finds we've already moved into our apartment!

We had quite the busy weekend (and you are about to hear all about why), so our regular Nifty Thrifty post will be delayed until Tuesday this week -- make sure you come back to check out all the amazing stuff we bought! If you need a little reminding to return, you can always follow us (if you haven't already) through Google Friend Connect (in the right sidebar - just click "Join this Site") and we're also on twitter and facebook! On to our weekend flea market adventures...

Last Friday, Julia and I woke up early, and, after realizing my car had been towed and going to pick it up, we set off about an hour later than planned but excited to descend upon the Brimfield flea market for two days. We went to Brimfield last September, too (and posted about it here), but we found SO much more this time, probably in large part because we know more about what we're looking at from all the thrifting we have done in the past six months since we opened up shop on Etsy.

Here's a little peek into our Friday and Saturday of walking (so much walking) around Brimfield, both the beautiful (things we wanted to buy) and the strange (things that were just too weird to not share)...

So many credenzas, and other teak beauties.

Julia and I often found ourselves drooling over furniture we can't afford, but it's a blast to open them up, see the coolness inside, and dream of the time when we find these pieces for cheap at a thrift store.

Enamelware galore.

We love Dansk and Catherinholm cookware, but we rarely see it.  This booth had tons, and they also had lots of pyrex and colorful vintage glasses, too! Needless to say, we made several purchases at that booth before the end of our second day at the flea market (expect to see some nice Dansk in the Nifty Thrifty this week...)

Although they've been living in the sewers, you'll feel right at home.

Have you ever felt like your chairs needed to be named after historical painters?  Perhapse these Ninja Turtle Chairs can ease your mind.  We didn't sit in them, but these hilariously green chairs looked really comfy.  And if you're a real TNMT fan you'd feel pretty awesome watching your favorite pizza loving turtles kick ass in these.

Apparently Julia has very heavy fingers.

We found all sorts of interesting scales and other mechanical devices at the show.  My personal favorite was an egg scale that helped determine what category (large, extra large, and jumbo) an egg falls into.  I'll definitely be looking for one of those in my future thrifting.

Don't mind Julia having a snack in the mirror...

There was also an expected amount of strange at the first Brimfield market of the year. I'm a fan of the shop owner who decided to put their "Funeral" sign next to this body thing.

The chair was cool... but the bench!

I would love one of these chairs, but do they all have to cost several hundred dollars? Sad day.  I'd definitely want one with blue fabric like this, but I'd almost rather have what was in front of this chair.  Sadly each time we stopped by this dealer there were people all around this bench so we couldn't get a picture, but you can see the tiny corner of this slatted bench in front of the chair.  So you've probably all seen mid century slatted benches at one time or another, but have you ever seen one that extends?  That's right, it was normally about five feet long, but extended several extra feet on each side, with extra legs to hold the ends. Unfortunately both the chair and the bench were around $400.  :(

If I were a rich man...

I'd buy Julia and myself a super cool letter tray like this one to attractively separate our mail, but I'm not about to pay $100 for it at the moment (that's actually a good deal for one of these).  The top tray pivots on its support, allowing your to orient it however you like.  Finding these kinds of wishlist items in person is exactly why Brimfield is more than worth going to.

You name it they've got it.

If you like elephant figurines flea markets are for you.  Basically any iconic animal showed up hundreds of times in our travels about the fields of Brimfield in more materials than you could possibly immagine. This elephant looked very surprised, while the giraffe next to it was showing off it's impressively long neck.

After a long afternoon of thrifting on Friday we called it a day, and went back to our tornado torn campsite at the Village Green. Remember that tornado that ripped through central Massachusetts last year? It hit Brimfield pretty hard, and we definitely felt for our campground owners who were lamenting the loss of most of their trees. Still, we love camping, so it was nice to end the day with a big fire.

We got up bright and early with the sun the next day and were some of the first people back at the fields -- probably half of the booths weren't even open yet. We got excellent parking at Quaker Acres (Julia's favorite field, pretty much just because it has the best name and shady parking spots), and set off for round two...

pew pew.

This is probably a heater, but I like to pretend it's a steampunk ray-gun.

Um... Yeah.

This strange little child mannequin was flowering from the neck... Let's add her (him?) to the strange list.

invisible parachuter?

Julia and I really liked these vintage flash-cards, but my personal favorite is the parachute without it's occupant.

Hooray for Pyrex!

As always, how can we post without including some Pyrex?  After spending the past year collecting and selling vintage pyrex it was a blast to see all of the really rare Pyrex we've only seen online.  These were some of favorites; this vender had only Pyrex items -- her stand was so amazingly colorful Julia and I could have hung out there all day.

Turn and spin...

We saw many really cool rotary phones at while wandering around, but none that we really wanted for the shop.  This one was awesome though, it has a picture of a girl in the middle which spins when the dial is rotated... hilarious.

Like OMG!

I'm still shocked just seeing these pictures.  I just want one, but this guy had about eight Eames lounges!

Such amazing comfort should be illegal... wait... I take that back.

It goes without saying that we had to stop and have a sit.  A very comfy sit.

Creative terrarium heaven.

So much lab glass!  I have an affinity for strange glass of all kinds.  Hooray for static liquids!

Imagine decorating this whole doll mansion for the I'm a Giant challenge!

Julia ate the cookie that said "eat me," and then we followed a white rabbit to the back of this booth where we bought two classic Eames office chairs and another awesome lounge chair that we'll share with you in the Nifty Thrifty!

Goodbye Brimfield! (One of these things is not like the other)

Another successful Brimfield completed; we packed up our Dansk, Eames, and lots of other awesome finds, and headed off to pick up Julia's new enamel table, and head home.

Were you at Brimfield this year?  Share your finds with us!  And remember to stop back to check out our amazing haul from the giant flea market!

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  1. Amazing flea market!!! Wish I could have been there. Hopefully my flea market booth this weekend will look like one of those.

    1. Honestly, it's almost worth the trip out here, but I'd definitely recommend doing it in the spring. Good luck vending this weekend. We've been seriously considering setting up a booth at a local flea market again, but we're so busy on weekends, and the hours are terrible!

  2. This is the second post I've seen on this flea market. What amazing stuff! I'm writing from Oregon, and I don't know of anything similar here. Jealous!

    1. Brimfield is quite the event and is one of the biggest outdoor antique shows around, so I imagine it's hard to find many (if any) comparable markets. We're lucky we live so close, but I have to say (being an Oregon enthusiast and having grown up there), Oregon has a bounty of fantastic vintage opportunities that I'm often quite jealous of!

  3. It's been my dream to shop Brimfield but it's a little too far for a road trip from Chicago. I'd been hoping one of the blogs I read would do coverage, it's good to see that there are MCM and Mod items for sale, most of the coverage I've seen have showcased rural/shabby chic items. What were prices like? I'm envious of your Eames and Dansk finds, can't wait to see photos of your 'haul'!

    1. Yeah, the majority of the stuff there is more antique than we're interested in, along the farmhouse/shabby chic side of things. There's also a good amount of industrial stuff. Of course we focused on the mid century items, and even though it was the minority, Brimfield is so huge there was still plenty to be found! Most prices, especially for MCM furniture, were way out of our price range (several hundred to thousands of dollars for really beautiful, quality stuff), but we found that a lot of smaller items were priced at the lower end of retail value (what we would sell things for online), and most sellers were very willing to bargain. By the end of the day on Saturday they were practically throwing things at us!

  4. What awesome (and some creepy!) eye candy! I would be in heaven just walking around, also wishing I could bring some home!

  5. OMG! All that furniture is absolutely amazing! Can't wait to see your Eames chairs! Have you seen the Eames documentary by the way? (Netflix!) Soooo interesting and makes me want all of their furniture...

    1. We watched the Eames documentary recently and loved it! Made us want to drop everything, set up shop, and start producing amazing creative things like they did!

  6. Oh, Brimfield...I haven't been there since I lived in MA in the 90s. Amazing stuff ~ I especially love those desk trays. I can't wait to see what you bought. :)


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