The Nifty Thrifty: A Very Good Week and our 100th Post

This is our 100th blog post! Crazy... we think it's appropriate that our 100th post fell on a Nifty Thrifty, as this weekly post is our biggest draw, and thrifting is what we're really all about these days. On that note, let's get to our bounty of finds from this week:

As you're about to see, we had an amazing week of thrifting.  For starters, most of the items in this first photo are for us to keep.  We're most excited about the blanket and rug that Julia picked up, which are very cool.  The huge ice bucket in the picture is another of Julia's finds this week, and it is very heavy; the inner chamber is actually made of glass rather than plastic.  My personal favorite of this weeks items is probably the strange towel rack on the left, although the lips radio is pretty cool too.  The small sideboard and the round table might end up for sale, but they would look good in our new apartment, too. The most of the other smaller things will be in our Etsy shop this week! And there's so much more...

A strange selection of blue heaven. 

I picked these up at Savers over several days last week.  This design is called Blue Heaven, and we've seen it many times, but have rarely had the right opportunity to buy it.

Stairway to Blue Heaven...

These Kromex kitchen containers are a fun win from an estate sale this past Saturday.

I really like this ice box, but we'll probably keep the heavy one b/c of shipping costs.

This other Kromex item, an ice bucket, I found at Boomerangs in Cambridge.

Wait, What?

Julia found this lotus style plastic mixing bowl at Savers.  We were both surprised to find the classic Cathrineholm lotus pattern on a plastic bowl, but apparently there is an American company (it's labeled "Deka - Elizabeth, NJ" on the base) who produced them. Julia did some research online, and all the other plastic Deka lotus bowls she found had white petals against a colored background, so our solid yellow bowl (the difference in color is from texture - the background is rough and the petals are smooth) is unique.

So bright and Spring-y.

This exciting Pyrex Daisy casserole was picked up by Julia on Friday at a thrift store in Peabody. It's in fantastic condition and is just so cheerful.

Perfect for a fresh spring salad.

I found this huge yellow Pyrex mixing bowl at the Salvation Army early last week.

Honestly, what's with all the yellow?

Julia brought this yellow rotary phone home from a garage sale on Saturday. The sticker on the receiver indicates that it belonged to a funeral home in Lynn, Mass, and has phone numbers for the local fire and police. We always love picking up colorful rotary phones, as they just sell so well on Etsy.

More vintage flower patterns for spring.

Julia bought these cups at Beverly Bootstraps mid-week. The stickers were worn off the bottom, so we don't know who made them (if you do, help us out in the comments!), but they were too cute to pass up.

And, although I'm enjoying the nice weather...

This awesome divided Snowflake Pyrex (in great condition with the glass lid!) reminds me that ski season is never that far away.  I might be tempted to keep this Salvation Army find.

What a helpful little elephant.

I picked this quirky little ring catch out of a box at an estate sale this past Saturday.

Lean left.

I snatched this little brass owl up at the first garage sale of the day this past Saturday. We can never resist a cool owl figurine...

That's right... three ice buckets this week.

Julia bought this ice bucket at estate sale where we both bought several things at very good prices, but the best find from that sale was definitely the hand-crocheted (or knitted... we don't really know how to tell the difference) blanket from the first photo, which we're probably keeping for ourselves.

This little clock will bring you back.

I picked this off a dresser in an estate sale on Saturday.  We tested it before we purchased it, and it seemed to work fine, plus it has a great atomic style.

Mmmm... Avocado.

Julia and I picked up these green Pyrex all over, and now we're thinking of listing them as a set, since they look so good together.

We'll be listing these on craigslist soon.

We bought this pair of little mid century dressers at a very lucrative estate sale this past Saturday (the same one where we bought the side table and little credenza in the first picture). Let us know if you are local (Boston area) and interested in them; otherwise, we'll be listing them on craigslist this week.

I love a little vintage creepy.

I picked up these lips at a garage sale; this actually a radio, and while the lips might've once moved when the radio was on, they don't seem to work any more.  It totally doesn't matter though... the radio works, and the creepy-factor of the lips is no less without moving.


Last but not least... I bought this Eames style rocker off craigslist, and we picked it up this Saturday.  I hadn't checked craigslist in about a month, but it must've been a lucky day because I found this gem, and I found an enamel-top table for Julia (which we're picking up next weekend, as it is farther away). The rocker isn't a real Eames, or even fiberglass, but it looks great and is quite comfy. This way we get the look of the Eames rocker, which we love, without spending the big bucks, and maybe someday we'll be able to find/afford a real one to replace it! We definitely don't have room in our little apartment for it right now, but we'll figure something out.

After a couple of very quiet weeks of thrifting, this was quite the week of excitement, and next week is the first Brimfield Flea Market of the year (there are only three), and you know we'll be all over it!

How was your week of thrifting? What do you think of our finds?

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  1. I'm with you, that towel rack is awesome. So is the little elephant tray. Great finds, as usual. :)

  2. Love the sideboard...which we were closer!!

    Great finds!

  3. Wow you did ridiculously well in just one week! I love the small sideboard, the rug and the yellow phone. Oddly enough I have 4 ice buckets but never really use any of them.

  4. Okay, this is too weird...I found that same little elephant ring holder this weekend (except mine is more gold), that same Kromex ice bucket (the smaller one), and I almost bought my first bunch of Blue Heaven plates on Saturday, but at the last second I decided they were too faded. As usual, I am totally in love with your furniture finds. If you lived closer, I would snap up those little dressers in a second and use them as night stands. It's so hard to find a matched vintage pair!

  5. Great finds!! I adore the furniture. If only I wasn't in Northern California.


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