The Nifty Thrifty: Pyrex, Blankets, and Cathrineholm, Oh My!

It must be just that time of year, because we have been finding some amazing things over the past few weeks, and this week definitely kept up with that trend.  Everybody seems to be purging what they don't need, and we're right there to catch it.  We're also refining our eye as to only pick up items of great value, and we found tons of it at the thrift stores this week. Sadly yard sales have been a bit lackluster on the quality front so far this year... so everybody go and encourage your friends to have yard/tag/garage/whatever sales this summer!

These bowls are really cool, and usually incredibly expensive.

It's a bit deceiving to show you this first, but this 8" Cathrineholm lotus bowl is my favorite find this week.  I was about to leave the consignment store in Salem when my eye fell on this gem as well as a lighted View-master in its original box (more on that in a minute).  I purchased the bowl for myself at $35 which is actually a great price for one of these, as they usually go for at least $60 online (and that's at the low end of the cost spectrum).  This one is in a more rare blue on blue color palette (usually it's one color and white), and it's in perfect condition, so I just couldn't resist. We've been wanting some Cathrineholm to keep for ourselves, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Best popcorn bowl ever!

You don't have to pay tons of money to get an enamel bowl, but you have to hunt for the opportunity.  I found this large enamel bowl at the Salvation Army for $3, but it's the first nice enamel bowl I've ever found at a thrift store.  They are very cool, and usually very sought-after.  This bowl is in perfect condition besides the fact that the pattern is hilariously flawed -- this picture makes the bowl's clover-like pattern seem perfect, but the design overlaps at two places and get a bit confusing. We have no idea who designed this bowl (any ideas?) but we're planning to keep it for ourselves. Update: We received a very helpful email from a reader explaining that this bowl is traditionally attributed to Finel of Finland, and the shape was designed by Kaj Franck. We hadn't done any research on the bowl, but a quick google search lead to lots of information that all pointed to Kaj Franck, and a combination of Finel and Arabia (were those separate companies that did lots of things together, or were they somehow related? It seems impossible to find a simple description about these designers/companies/brands/whatever they are...). Our bowl probably had a sticker on the base that is now long gone, so it's exciting to find out where it comes from and that it's worth quite a lot more than we expected!

I love the gold VIEW-MASTER plate on the back of this viewer!

If you are new to the blog you might not understand why I'm excited about this.  I collect view-master viewers and slides, and this lovely lighted Model F in its original case was a very welcome find.  Now I just need to get some "C" batteries. I'll probably be keeping this for myself, but everything else in this post will be for sale (some things are already listed on Etsy - they have links in the photo captions)...

Butterprint Avalanche!

We were very excited to buy a ridiculous amount of Butterprint Amish Pyrex this week after selling a set of Butterprint refrigerator dishes recently almost immediately after posting it on Etsy. We'll be listing these in sets in our Etsy shop within the week. I found the majority of these dishes (everything except the blue cinderella casserole on the right) all at once... I stopped at Savers on Friday to check for new items, and WOW!  I was so surprised to find all the Butterprint dishes that I started shoveling them into my arms until I couldn't carry anymore, and then I realized that there was so much more Pyrex I hadn't even noticed yet.  I shuffled my way to a cart, and hurried back to pick up three more awesome casseroles:

Blue and gold, this is probably my favorite of this weeks' casseroles. On Etsy here.

Whenever I find Pyrex with lids I am very excited, and this week was a very exciting one.  With their lids, these Pyrex are very functional as well as attractive in your cabinets. This is a promotional dish from 1965 called "Golden Bouquet" and it is quite the rare find. Our research indicated that the floral design might even be gold leaf.

This graphic has so many layers to it. Well done, Pyrex. On Etsy here.

We've sold one of these casseroles in the past, and without the lid nonetheless.  Needless to say we're happy to have another one back on our shelves. We couldn't figure out when this Tulip Pyrex was made, but it's another rare promotional one, so it was most likely only made for one season in the 1960's, too.

It's days like this that make me love Savers. On Etsy here.

This Pink Daisy divided oval serving casserole is the last piece of Pyrex I bought that day at Savers, and it's a popular pattern from the late 50's through early 60's. It's a great pattern for spring and summer, so hopefully we'll find it a good home soon.

And we have four more!

I found these pheasant hunting glasses along with four more (for a total of 8 glasses) at Savers early this week, just in time for Father's Day (wouldn't they be a great gift for the right dad?).  These are apparently from the 1950's, and were made by the Hazel Atlas Glass Company.  The two in the middle have a slightly different coloration than the other six (they almost look faded in the picture, but they actually have some white coloring you just can't see), but they make a beautiful set.

Swanzillas! On Etsy here.

There are several iconic mid century brass animal sculptures: cranes, seagulls, quail, foxes, fish, owls, panthers, and... swans.  We've come across a wide array of these, and Julia has bought several for us, including a family of quail she bought at a yard sale last year, a 6" swan she picked up at some point (we can't remember where she bought it), and recently she found some very small swans that are for sale on Etsy here.  I figured I had to one up her, and I found (on the same day as all of the Pyrex nonetheless) these giant brass swans at Savers.  These big brass sculptures are 11.25 and 15 inches tall!

This colorful crocheted blanket is huge and thick... it's quite warm too. On Etsy here.

Our newest favorite things to buy are vintage blankets; Julia bought an awesome hand-made vintage blanket at an estate sale a few weeks ago for only 25¢ (posted about it here), and we're keeping that one!  Being aficionados of the unique, we love the time investment that went into these, and the blankets are quite one-of-a-kind, unlike some of the more produced designer items we like to find.

A rare "footed" blanket... On Etsy here.

This funny asymmetrical colored blanket is Julia's only find for the week (other than some deep blue Pyrex she bought for us to keep and we ended up not photographing), and it is not only a very comfy hand knitted blanket, but it also looks great with it's strange-but-cool color palette. We think it would be a cute baby blanket, or just for hanging out on the sofa.

Thanks for checking out this week's Nifty Thrifty!  We love to hear your thoughts; have you found similar items, are you a local thrifter too, or do you just like our style?  Let us know!

Also, we're going to have a huge yard sale in early June so keep your eye out for us on Craigslist!

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  1. OMG! You scored with all the Butterprint Pyrex, and that Catherineholm's bowl is gorgeous! Super great finds all around. :-)

  2. oh my some lovely finds. The pyrex is amazing.

  3. Total pyrex envy!! And I love those pheasant glasses. I sold a set in the shop last month. They were so fun!!

  4. Congrats on the Cathrineholm find. It is even hard to find at retail so I would definitely count it as a legitimate "find"

  5. love those bowls - and the footed blanket is a great find too. i just love the way you folks photograph your stuff. i also love that feeling that you get when you buy something you love and then find out it's valuable - like your popcorn bowl.

  6. Holy butterprint! That alone is an amazing score, but you guys had a great week all around. I love both the Cathrineholm and the other enamel bowl, and the giant swans are pretty sweet, too!

  7. Wow! What a haul! You really found some lovely pieces.

  8. Wow! Pyrex motherload. You've inspired me to list some Pyrex I've let languish in the closet! It's nice to know someone's having some thrift luck!

  9. I'm jealous of your pieces of Pyrex and the knitted square blanket reminds me of one my grandparents had on their recliner.


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