The Nifty Thrifty: Brimfield and More

Yesterday we posted about all the crazy stuff we saw at Brimfield, and we alluded to some of the things we picked up. Today we're sharing (most) of what we bought! I say "most" because there are a few more pieces we picked up for our own apartment that we're very excited about, and those will be in an "It's Alive-ing Space" post tomorrow (which is now up here!). There are definitely some good deals to be found at Brimfield, so we did pick up a few things to sell, but for the most part, the prices are such that you can buy quality items at a cost that makes it reasonable to keep, but not usually to resell. So, today we're sharing a few things we're selling and a few we're keeping that don't have a home in our apartment yet, and tomorrow you'll see the rest of our finds that went straight into our living and eating spaces!

We've been having very good luck recently so we felt like taking a gratuitous photo of us and some of our favorite Brimfield winnings...

Living the dream.

It might be a bit difficult to tell, but Julia and Henry, my little brother, are sitting in two original  Herman Miller Eames orange upholstered fiberglass shell chairs.  I am sitting in a new lounge chair that I am excited about putting in our new apartment along with Julia's new ottoman that I'm resting my feet on.

Ok, so we're definitely chair hoarders.

Jealous? Well, if you're local, you'll have a chance to buy the the Herman Miller Eames chair on the left; we're keeping the lighter orange one. They both have the original upholstery, which could definitely use a good clean (if you have tips for how we could safely clean the upholstery ourselves please let us know in the comments!), swivel bases with casters, and that lovely Herman Miller mark on the base. I've been pining for this exact style of Eames chair for awhile now, so I was keeping an eye out for them at Brimfield, and it definitely paid off!

The lounge chair is the Ikea "Lunna" chair, and usually we try to avoid Ikea furniture, but it is awesomely comfy, it fits right in with our other mid century stuff, and we like the fabric too.  The three chairs are all from a single purchase at the Brimfield flea market this past weekend. It was towards the end of the day on Saturday, when dealers start offering really good deals so they don't have to cart everything home. At first we were just interested in one Eames chair, then he offered us both at a better price, and then we showed some interest in the lounge chair so he threw that in for super cheap. Somehow we managed to squish all three chairs into our car along with all our other purchases and our camping stuff, and we are very happy that it all fit!

Dansk Fish!

I've been wanting one of these Dansk fish trivets since I found out they exist.  Julia and I both had a small selection of items that we were hoping to find, and this was one of mine.  We bought it from a very cheery frenchman who was eating a delicious looking lunch.

Julia purchased several of her wish list items, too, but those are already in the apartment so you'll see them in the "It's Alive-ing Space" post tomorrow.

$300 if you're local... let us know.

Here's a closer view at our lovely orange Eames by Herman Miller chair, which will be available on Craigslist shortly!

Dansk!... Ah-ah!...

Brimfield was overflowing with cool things to buy, and occasionally a very good deal would arise that we could not resist.  This Dansk paella pan was one of those.  Julia and I both love the Kobenstyle design, and if we unlimited funds we would buy ourselves a full set of these in assorted colors.  This will soon be up on Etsy for your shopping enjoyment along with our next find...

Hooray for more Dansk!

I know, right?  This one has some small areas of damage to the enamel, but the inside of the pan is perfect.  We love the bright yellow color, and of course those Kobenstyle handles. These paella pans and the trivet, however, were just the tip of our Dansk iceberg this past week; I even picked up a small Dansk candle holder that you'll have to wait to see along with our other awesome finds in the "It's Alive-ing Space" coming to you tomorrow.

Honk! honk!

There were hundreds of colorful vintage glasses at Brimfield, and Julia quickly fell in love with these.  We haven't decided whether to sell them or not, but they'll definitely hang out with us for a bit.  I also bought a colorful vintage glass with skiers printed on it doing all sorts of things, and like these geese glasses say "Wild Geese," my glass says "Ski Parade!"

That's it for our Brimfield finds in this post, but also we bought some vintage stuff for the shop earlier in the week...

I actually found these brown plastic Dansk items at Savers last week just before we embarked on our trip to Brimfield.  I also picked up a clear measuring pitcher similar to the brown one shown, but on further review of the item we realized that it might be a knock-off.  I guess I need to be a bit more critical of my finds when I'm buying plastic.

Oink oink.

This vintage metal bank made by Raimond was also a Savers find, and would make an excellent Etsy gift. After doing some research, it seems as though it was made in the 1960's, and there seems to be some disagreement about whether it is chrome or silver-plated -- anyone know how to tell the difference?

C'mon, Daddy needs a new pair of shoes.

I also found these brass dice at Savers this week; they are about three quarters of an inch across, and quite heavy.  I love items with some mass (as do most men, I think it has something to do with our obsession with the physical).  I might just like these too much to sell, but who knows, perhaps they would make a good father's day item.

There's something mischievous about ashing into milk glass.

I picked these three milk glass ash trays up at the Salvation Army early last week, and I'd love to sell them as a set, but they'll probably sell individually first.

The queen doesn't own these...

Julia picked up these two little brass swans at a thrift store in Salem.  We like these vintage brass figurines; the weight and style are just too much fun to pass over, and these ones have interesting eye designs.

little boxes.

These Chinese porcelain boxes were hiding in a plastic bag at Savers when I found them last week.  They are in perfect condition, and the colors are great.  Little boxes like these make great jewelry storage for the ladies in your life, and the mirrors remind her how pretty she is too! They're not our usual style, but there was just something about them I liked.

A plastic pyramid of awesome.

This set of insulated plastic cups with chrome handles are my favorite non-Brimfield finds from last week.  The colors are spot on, and the handle design is cool. I found them at Salvation Army, and we look forward to the day when we can ship these off to a happy home.

That's everything for today, but make sure you come back tomorrow to see the Brimfield finds we've already found homes for in our apartment! The "It's Alive-ing Space post is up -- read all about Julia's wish list finds here!

What do you think of our chairs? The Dansk? Have you found anything you've been wishing for, like my fish trivet and Eames chairs?

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  1. Fantastic finds! I am looking forward to your next post! You had a great weekend, congratulations. Love your blog.

  2. Those swans are amazing! Do you think you guys'll be selling them?

    1. Yup! We've been (very slowly) listing things on Etsy, and they should be up soon. Let me know if you want the swans, and we'll work it out :)

  3. The eames shell chairs are great. The aluminum group base is one of my favories


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