It's Alive-ing Space: Julia's Wish List Edition

Hopefully by now you've read all about the crazy stuff we saw at Brimfield, and some of the awesome things we bought, and now it's time for our final Brimfield post (seriously, it's event so large it deserves three posts). This is the stuff of my dreams that went straight into the apartment. Of course, Chris was really excited to finally pick up some beautiful orange upholstered Eames Herman Miller shell chairs, but you all know we are chair hoarders and we just don't have room in our apartment for all the chairs we own (we own at least 8 chairs that don't fit in our apartment and are currently in either our storage unit or at Chris's family's house. 8!)

We're actually trying to keep the blog updated with all the changes we are constantly making in the apartment, so here we go...

Boom. I call it the mini arc lamp. Or rather, my beautiful, lovely, gorgeous mini arc lamp.

I've been craving an arc lamp ever since I first discovered they existed (just like Chris and his new chairs), but Chris wasn't quite as gung-ho as me, and we both knew that a normal arc lamp would be way too big and overbearing in our little space. So when we walked by a booth at Brimfield at the end of the day on Friday, and Chris pointed out this little guy, I fell in love. The seller explained that the little button on top the lamp that you would usually use to turn it on or off had snapped off on his way to the show, and since it was slightly broken (but he claimed the lamp still worked), we were able to bargain him down to $80, which is really a steal for an authentic 60's chrome arc like this guy. Plus, we found that it is stuck in the "on" position, so all we have to do is plug or unplug it when we want to turn it on or off. We can also easily unscrew the top part and replace that little piece in the future if we wanted to.

On the desk that currently lives behind the sofa you can just see one of my little Brimfield purchases: a black hand that appears to be in the position of a Buddhist "om" mudra. We saw so many interesting hand figurines at Brimfield, but this one is much more interesting and personal for me than the stiff white glove mold hands that most sellers had.

On the Lane Acclaim triangular side table we use as a coffee table (which Chris bought at Beverly Bootstraps - a local thrift store - for $15), you can see another one of Chris's Brimfield purchases: a smaller black cast iron MCM candle holder very similar to the bigger one we already had! We're pretty sure the little guy is the same as this one someone else is selling on Etsy, and we think it's made by Dansk. We've seen others online before that were being sold as Dansk, so even though they are not marked, it sounds like they weren't necessarily imprinted with a label. Chris likes to use these as unique stands for glass pieces, terrariums, or anything else that looks cool on them, and we think they look even more interesting as an almost-matching set. Chris also picked up another little Danish candle holder from the same booth made by Digsmed that looks just like this one on Etsy. Chris paid $35 for the pair, and just for reference, the Etsy listings of the identical candle holders I linked to add up to $75 total, so we think he got a pretty good deal.

Also, check out the rug and the blanket we bought last week (and posted about here). We are really happy with how the rug (which I bought off craigslist for $35) looks in the space, and the blanket (which I bought at an estate sale for a whopping 25 cents! I know, right?) is great for cuddling on the couch.

We moved our light-up globe (which we bought at Savers for $10) to the corner to replace the lamp that used to be there. We rarely used that lamp anyway because it was too far back to be useful, but this arc lamp is perfect for reading on the sofa.

Now moving into the eating space, where the light is not ideal, but our new table is!

Oooh enamel top table! I've been looking for an enamel table for quite awhile now, and I finally got my hands on one! Chris found it for me on craigslist last week, and I called the seller (who happened to live out near Brimfield) and arranged to pick it up when we would be in the area for the flea market. So, on our way home on Saturday afternoon, we stopped to pick it up, had to take almost everything out of the trunk to put the table on the bottom (luckily the legs can be easily unscrewed from the top), and pile everything back in on top.

From this angle you can see the cool geometric design on the surface a bit better. The enamel isn't in perfect shape, but it still looks and works great, and the leaf pulls out flawlessly. On the other side there is a drawer for utensils, too.  It set me back $100, which is definitely more than the $5 table we had before, but I think it's still a pretty good price for a nice enamel table like this, and I definitely plan to keep it and use it for years to come. Someday I'll probably repaint the base, as it's a little tired-looking in some places, but I definitely like the black and white style.

Well, that covers everything! We found so many of our wish-list items this past weekend that we hardly know what to look for anymore! Definitely a good place to be.

Do you have any dream items you're looking for? What do you think of my mini arc lamp and enamel table? Any exciting changes going on in your home?

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  1. I am like you, I have loved arc lamps ever since I first saw them years ago! I still don't have one, but hopefully someday I will get a good deal on one. Yours looks good and it's so cute!!!!!! I love the table also! Great finds. :)

  2. Lovely style!! I really adore the paintings and pillows!


  3. The smaller size of the arc lamp is perfect!!

  4. Oh man, I am ogling, OGLING, I tell you, at your beautiful home! So stunning. I am checking out your lamp, it's ACE, but also, your orange footstool- what in the name?!! I LOVE IT!

  5. I have that same mini arc lamp too! Mine is gold. I love it! Your space is beautiful! Love all the colors and textures. I'm new to your blog! I found you through the link up on Harper's Happenings! :)




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