Some Gifts From My Grandfather

So my grandfather has been trying to get me to come over to pick up some items for our Etsy shop for some time, and this past week I finally made it over.  He had tons of vintage and antique items, and I didn't even take everything he had for me.  I'll definitely be making a trip back soon.  Most of the items were my late grandmother's who had all sorts of cool vintage stuff, but these were just cluttering my grandfather's drawers and storage spaces.  For us, they could be thrifty gold (the best price = free)...

This is a print of one of my great uncles.  He was a painter who lived in Hawaii; this particular print is from work he made when he was almost blind.

This is a Dutch lithograph print; I haven't taken it out of the broken frame yet, but I'm really hoping to find a signiture.

Here is a hand painted photograph by Wallace Nutting.

Another hand painted photograph; it's possibly from Nutting as well, but there is little way to tell.

This is an original watercolor by painter C. Myron Clark.

This vintage clock needs to be wound, but comes in a pigskin leather travel case.

These awesome vintage watches were appraised at $25 each!

I took this collection of antique dolls home with me, but they are looking for a new home if you're looking for some little porcelain friends.

These two are already spoken for.

These little dolls are very interesting, but unfortunately, the little girl is a bit damaged.

This one is apparently an antique finger-puppet, and is very cool, but a bit damaged.

These two are very cool, undamaged, and the lady even has another outfit.

This little witch has a nut for a head, and is very, very creepy.

This little one had lost an arm, but has been repaired with a new clay one.

These are apparently are from south america, but we have no idea what they are made of.

This antique flute is very nice, but we can't seem to make it work.

Check out this frame!  It's solid metal, very heavy, and just look at its back:

I know right!

These green glass vessels look lovely with their silver designs.

This porcelain box is damaged, but apparently these can go for big $$$ if they are in good condition.

This one is very cool; the rim of each side is beautifully ornate.

This tiger marionette lifts its head and tail when you pull the ball.

Looking to drink on the go?  Just bring this collapsable cup.

Or this one.

Or these.

This little piece of red glass really confused the appraiser the other day.  It's not worth a huge amount, but it is very unique; the glass is one piece on the outside, but it's divided on the inside.  It's either a flask or a perfume bottle, but not even the appraisers could tell.

And last, but not least; I got my great grandfather's beaver-skin top-hat.

I also brought home two boxes of antique frames, a child's chair, and a claw-foot piano stool with the glass balls, but I didn't have time to photograph everything.  Most of these items will be for sale, but I think I'll be keeping the art and the hat.

By the way, when I mentioned the appraiser, I was referring to a local auction house (Kaminski Auctions) that offers free verbal appraisals one day per week. I tried it out for the first time this week, since I didn't know much about most of this stuff. It was pretty interesting to hear what they had to say about everything, even if I didn't hit it big with any super valuable items.

Have you ever had things appraised? Gone digging through your grandparents' old stuff? These items are a bit different from our usual fare... anything you particularly like?

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  1. Wow! Amazing vintage treasures! Thank you for sharing with us at TTF. I hope you and your family have a happy and blessed Easter!

  2. I am in awe of all the treasures you received. It's difficult to pick a favourite as they all have interesting features.

  3. At first glance, the yellow square picture frame, looks like the University of Oregon symbol, which is a yellow rectangle with rounded edges - a big O. That is surprising. But the flower motif, though, looks like the style that my grandma liked. So an antique U of O frame!
    I can really see Chris in this top hat! We need a photo of you wearing it.

  4. How great that your grandfather invited you over for such great items. What treasures and even more so cause they belong to your family. I think the top hat is so cool! Thank you for linking up at cap creations.

  5. Hey there just wanted to let you know that I featured you over at the blog today!


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