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The past few Saturdays have been beautiful, and the yard sales have been numerous, but we have found very little worth buying.  I was really the only one who bought things this weekend, and they were just a selection of classic rock LP's.  Perhaps I'll post about all of our newly acquired vinyl in the near future, but until then... put some good stuff out in your yard sales! Most of what we actually did find this week was at thrift stores.

I love the clouds on the blue wheat glass.

I picked up these three colorful glasses at a thrift store in Peabody this past week, and I think we'll just keep 'em.  I love colorful glasses, and the more variety in the collection the more festive the parties.

Ring, ring... it's for you.

I also picked this phone up at the thrift store in Peabody; I love strange old phones, and I just can't help but snatch them up when I find them.  Also, these cream colored ones look great in photos, and they sell like crazy on Etsy.

Great for tea or sake. 

I already have a set like this, but this particular one is in perfect condition, and I believe it still has the original glasses too.  This was a mid-week Savers purchase, but it looks brand new.

A ring for your glass of water, and a spot for your munchies.

These strangely rasta-like milk glass snack trays were just too good to pass up at the Salvation Army this week.  Apparently someone had just bought the cups that went with the set before I got there, but these are cool enough on their own. These are unmarked, so if you know anything about them, please let us know in the comments!

So perfect it glows.... well, it at least shines.

And of course... Pyrex.  This blue divided pyrex is in perfect condition, and will soon be up on Etsy along with everything in this post besides the colorful glasses.  I found this at the Salvation army this past Saturday, which is testament to the fact that new things can be found there daily.

Surprisingly rare, and very cool.

I snagged this large promotional Pyrex mixing bowl along with another blue Cinderella mixing bowl (which we're keeping) at my new favorite thrift store in Peabody.

This was a two part find this week.  I picked up the two little refrigerator pyrex at Savers, and added the small lid I had picked up a few weeks back just in case of such an instance.  The large refrigerator pyrex was another purchase of mine at the thrift store in Peabody.  The butterprint pattern is very fun and very desirable because of it's classic vintage turquoise and the silly farm designs.

A light load this week, but it was all good stuff that (we think) will do well on Etsy. We're crossing our fingers for more estate sales or better yard sales next weekend!

How have the sales been in your area? Find anything cool this week?

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  1. I'm loving all the Pyrex you've been finding! The snack plates are by Federal Glass...not sure what the pattern name is. I really like the mismatched glasses, too! They somehow look very cool together.

  2. Stunned by the high quality of each mod find you've scored. Loving each find!

    1. Thanks! We're glad you enjoy our finds, and we'll try to keep living up to your thrifty expectations.

  3. Cool finds! I actually have the plates and they came with matching cups (creamy white with the same pattern) to set in that space. But pairing them with a glass is such a cute idea! I'm going to have to do that!!

  4. I really like the orange Pyrex you found. I've never seen that one before. Pretty cool finds!

  5. the Pyrex is killing me... awesome finds! And I also love quirky vintage glasses... I have a cupboard full!

  6. Those glasses are so pretty and i adore the orange mixing bowl! Beautiful!


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