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Hey thrifters, if you live near us I'm sure you've all been enjoying the nice weather here on the East Coast (just wait till tomorrow- over 80!).  This past Saturday was full of sales, but short on our kind of vintage items.  We don't mind a light week though... it just means less time devoted to the photo shoot, and more time to chill with friends, and we had a few visiting from NYC this weekend.

I thought I had re-photographed this after I washed it, but no... no I didn't.

Being the mid century hoarders that we are I just couldn't pass this up when I came upon it in the Savers in Nashua, NH this past week.  I had just gotten out of Jury Duty, and I needed a bit of thrifting to make up for the wasted time.  I didn't have to sit on a jury though... hooray!  This teak and glass bowl will either look great in our new apartment in July, or go to a good home on Etsy.

You'd think a mouse would see this little guy coming.

 Julia found this exciting little owl pencil/ flower holder at a yard sale this past weekend.  We'll probably end up selling it, but it'll make a fun addition to the space while it's here.

A very colorful pan for your brownies.

The largest piece of pink Pyrex I've ever found, and of course I just couldn't resist.  I bought this at the same time I picked up yet another mid century credenza/ hutch at the Salvation Army on route 1.


Julia loves finding Christmas items at sales, and although this is not exactly a Christmas decoration it's very close.  It's vintage style, however is not its best feature...

Oh no!
 It's like a children's 3d puzzle!  Take him apart, and mix him up... or just put him back together.

These teacups have awesome colors and a very cool design.
 This nice little tea set is Julia's Savers find this week, and it's surprisingly cool for some cups and saucers.  I really like the colors, and the saucers have the cup indents off to the side so one could have a snack with their tea. They are made by dolphin and are in the exact same pattern as a cheese board we bought a few weeks ago (it's up in our Etsy shop).

I totally need to use this; I'm terrible about responding to my mail.

This, I believe, is a mail separator made specially for me, and all of my unopened mail... maybe I should get on that.  At least we're just about done with our taxes; last minute... perhaps.

These are just the funniest little wicker boxes.

 We picked these silly little woven animal boxes at a yard sale in Manchester this past Saturday, and we may just have to keep at least one of these, but I know where the chickens are going...

Maps!  Happy to sell if interested... let us know where you are interested in.

And last but not least... Maps!
This was my big yard sale purchase this past Saturday;  almost thirty maps at less than a dollar each, and they are all beautiful National Geographic topographic maps from the early 1950's.  They are mostly from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine and the New Hampshire/ Vermont Area.  We'll do a whole post about the maps when we get the chance to photograph them individually.

Also, we'll get a post up about our most recent furniture adventures soon; we've been having lots of luck finding mid century pieces, but we have a buyer who's been snapping them up before we can even post the pics (not that we're complaining... quite the opposite).

Find anything interesting this week, or like something we found?
Let us know, we love hearing from you!

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  1. Wonderful Finds!!!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  2. Great finds! I'm googling over your owl pencil holder!

  3. What a sweet trip you had! Awesome! Those maps are amazing. ~Trudy http://thriftscore42.blogspot.com/

  4. love that toy soldier - what a cool find. and the maps! i'm drooling!

  5. I love your blog, have been a follower for a while now. You have been awarded the Liebster!

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    Thanks for having such a great blog - I have learned so much from you guys!

  6. another amazing haul... but the bowl is by far my favorite! beautiful.


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