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Hi everybody!  We had quite the weekend again; we sold the credenza we had found last week along with another dresser I picked up on this past Friday.  We were having an issue getting the pictures of the latest dresser off the camera, so we'll share those once we can.  Unless otherwise noted, we will be listing most of these items in our Etsy shop.

Without further ado, here's what we found this week, plus some things from weeks past we hadn't gotten around to photographing yet:

It's not a UFO... it's a frog.

This weird little apparatus is an extendable frog, with two removable pieces to the upper fan-like part.  I bought this frog at a yard sale in Swampscott this past Saturday.

This vintage table of elements is the new piece of art over our bed. 

I bought this huge "Periodic Chart of the Atoms" from 1969 for super cheap at the same yard sale.  It is really fun to look at with all those colors and cool diagrams.

Julia's yard saled kid art.

This hilariously awesome crayon drawing is a vintage piece of child art that Julia found when we were in Oregon a few weeks back.  The use of color and texture is actually quite impressive.  We even found the photograph that it was most likely based on which was taken in 1942:

found on wikipedia

Pretty striking resemblance there, right?

This will be going up on Etsy shortly, but feel free to contact us about pricing.

I found this awesome vintage family tree at a yard sale a few weeks back.  It is in great condition for a vintage original, and has fun retro illustrations.

These vintage paper placemats are another one of Julia's estate sale finds from Oregon. They were printed in 1957 and show traditional foods from different countries with their names in both English and the foreign language.

That's one poor bite.

This vintage dental poster is another one of Julia's Oregon finds (same estate sale), and besides a bit of warping from being tightly wrapped, it is in good shape.  The very retro green title is just hilarious, and the graphics are great.  It was printed in 1966.  Now we just need some flat storage for all of our art!

Folded, but still very cool.

This is a vintage test print from the "Pacific COLOR plate company."  We like the brightly colored grids at the top in conjunction with the random plane picture.  Julia also picked this up at the same estate sale in Oregon.


Can you guess where Julia bought this...?  That's right, Oregon estate sale!  Strangely enough, this one doesn't have a year on it, even though it's referring to a specific week.

These little skiing people are hilarious, but I like the birds even more.

Back to the present, these were some of Julia's finds from the yard sale this Saturday in Swampscott where I found the frog and periodic table art.  We're definitely keeping these; they're just too much fun.

Julia picked up these two kitchen canisters at a yard sale this past weekend.  The stoppers are teak, and made by Dolphin, the same brand that made one of our cheese boards for sale in our Etsy shop.

The pumps on the ketchup and mustard dispensers even have a locking feature!

This condiment set with rack and napkin holder has salt and pepper shakers as well as ketchup and mustard dispensers.  The coolest part about this whole set is that each of the four bottles are glass, and that classic diner look.  I got them at the Salvation Army this week.

This rugged ITT phone will find a good home in a bunker or something.

After hearing how well our rotary phones have been selling on Etsy, our good friend gave us this phone, along with the next one, for our shop.  We're always pleased with more rotary phones, and the dark avocado green color is great.

Such a cute little phone.

This peachy pink rotary phone will have little difficulty finding itself a home.  I mean... just look at it.

These are awesome,  I just can't get enough.

Another beautiful polaroid 600; I picked this guy up for almost nothing at a yard sale this weekend.

A full set!

I found some refrigerator Pyrex this week, and now we have a full set of original primary color refrigerator pyrex!  Doesn't it look awesome?  Well made and attractive--they really don't make things like they used to.

Light my fire.

I picked this little red oil lamp up at the Salvation Army on Route 1 a few weeks back, and I forgot to photograph it until now.  Just a fun pop of color, but I should really see if some oil will light this lantern up.

The perfect kitchen addition.

I recently picked these yellow tins up at a thrift store in Salem.  They are Kromex originals with the plastic lids, and they are in great vintage condition.  We love a kitchen with bright yellow retro accents, and we're hoping someone else it thinking the same thing...

Which is your favorite? Did you find anything cool this week?

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  1. wowee! what a beautiful collection of treats. especially love the old posters and the pyrex.

  2. Excellent haul! You picked up a lot of great art/design pieces-- the 1950s placemats are wonderful, I could see them framed and hanging in a kitchen. The atomic elements chart is giving me flashbacks to high school chemistry class...

  3. Great finds, the periodic charts of the atoms is my favourite!

  4. Awesome finds and I especially love the family tree poster! I'll be looking for it in your shop!

  5. Great finds as always! I love those Dophin jars...I need to keep an eye out for some of those for myself. That flower frog is cool, too! My mom collects frogs, so I've seen many over the years, but I've never seen one like that.

  6. ha! those last canisters are exactly like a set we sold a while back! I LOVE all the posters! that print company one is SO cool as is the atom chart!!

  7. This was a pretty stocked post. Those placemats were special :)

  8. I love that periodic table! Oh, my...I need one!

  9. Holy cow, you've found a lot of great stuff! I especially like the periodic table.

    (stopping by from Blue Eyed Owl)

  10. Do you still have the family tree?


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