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It was another good week of thrifting, and we found some interesting stuff out there! We've been super busy getting back into the swing of things after our Oregon trip, hence the lack of posting recently (and being way behind on our Etsy listings... so many draft listings!), but things are coming together on a few projects, so expect some interesting stuff this week :)

This week, Chris picked up this Hook Cover Teapot made by Hall in the 1950's at Beverly Bootstraps (a local thrift store). It's part of the Gold Label line, and is quite the mid century vessel with those gold stars. Apparently they're very collectible, so we are hoping to find the right buyer for this one.

I found this hilarious vintage Mix 'n' Pour at Goodwill. We haven't put in batteries and tested it yet (it takes four big batteries that we don't have lying around), so I'm crossing my fingers that it will work. Either way it has a great retro look and is covered with fun drink recipes.

It was quite the Pyrex week. We have sold a few pieces of Pyrex on Etsy recently, so we feel a little better about buying more...

Chris bought this big yellow refrigerator Pyrex at a local thrift store, along with another one in the same size in avocado green.

This pretty bright blue oval Pyrex casserole was picked up by Chris this week. The color is fantastic, as is the new map under the dish! I dug through a bunch of vintage maps at SOWA Vintage Market on Sunday and came up with a few good ones to mix up our photo backgrounds. 

We also found a couple pieces of Pyrex at the Salvation Army this Saturday, like this aqua casserole. For some reason the light was weird in these last two pictures, making the color look splotchy, but it's actually really nice.

We found this sweet little Butterfly Gold Pyrex mixing bowl at the Salvation Army, too.

The Salvation Army gave us a bounty of casserole dishes... in addition to the Pyrex, we picked up this Peach Lustre Fire King casserole, and...

This Fire King Green Meadow casserole dish, too!

Chris found these Archie Comics "Reggie Makes the Scene" glasses at Beverly Bootstraps this week. Each one has the face of an Archie Comics character embossed into the base so you can look at them while you drink. Very silly.

Chris picked up this cool brass elephant trivet at Savers. It has little feet that hold it up and a great stylized design.

Another funny little Chris purchase this week was this wood duck suit brush he found at Savers. He is very cute and provides a perfect handle for the rough fabric stuff on the bottom for brushing hairs and such off your suit. I'm all for things that are both useful and interesting.

Probably our most exciting purchase this week happened at the Salvation Army on Saturday (when we got all that Pyrex and Fire King). The pictures were quickly taken on my ipod, since we still have to go pick it up and take proper pictures, so sorry about the poor quality:

Awesome mid century wood credenza / low dresser! It has a great shape, and interesting sliding doors that can be moved side to side to reveal more drawers on the sides for a total of 9 good-sized drawers. When we found it, it had just been put out and hadn't even been priced yet. We asked about it, and they found someone who took a quick look at it and offered a very reasonable price which we immediately agreed to. Yesss for people who don't know the value of lovely furniture!

I can't remember the furniture maker off the top of my head right now, but we'll definitely post some better pictures and more information when we pick it up and post it on craigslist. It's not in perfect shape, but it is still awesome!

Did you find anything exciting this week? What do you think of our latest finds?

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  1. love that piece of furniture- wow!

  2. The teapot is amazing! Great finds!

  3. That credenza is AMAZING- love it and that gorgeous teapot.

    Loving your pretty blog. I'm going to follow/bookmark and return. I have to take tons of photos for Etsy today and your pictures inspired me. :)

    1. Thanks! I love checking out your thrift finds every week, too :) Good luck taking pictures!

  4. Great finds! Love the teapot and elephant trivet.

  5. Fabulous teapot and credenza. Are you selling or keeping?

    1. Oops, I forgot to say, didn't I? We're selling everything! We already have far too much stuff squeezed into our apartment to keep much more... I think there were a few little things we bought for ourselves that we just didn't take pictures of.

  6. That credenza is insane! And I always love finding Pyrex.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. Oh, that teapot is beautiful.I love the credenza, too! They are just the most useful pieces of furniture...

  8. The teapot has beautiful colors - love it!!

  9. I'm in love with the MCM credenza! It's awesome! And of course, the Hall teapot! Wow!

  10. love that suit brush and the tea pot is gorgeous. great finds all round. thanks for stopping by my space as well = appreciated your comment about books!

  11. That credenza is so cool! I will be moving to a new house soon and hoping to redecorate it with some thrifted mi-century funky furniture like that! Wish me luck!

  12. Eep I'm jealous of your credenza find, I've been wanting one to use as a TV stand but haven't come across one in good condition at a fair price yet.

    Lovely teapot too, the color and design is very striking.

  13. I love all the pyrex. Perfect colors for spring. And that teapot is amazing!

  14. Great finds! That credenza is amazing & Pyrex too!


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