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It's been quite a slow week of thrifting, but we have been moving lots of mid century furniture around, and we thought you would all appreciate it.  So instead of our usual "Nifty Thrifty," we decided to give you a different kind of thrifty.  

I'm sure many of you love the classic mid century modern style of furniture, and (surprise!) so do we, and recently I've been having the best luck finding mid century pieces.  All of my driving back and forth between thrift stores, yard sales, and estate sales has really been paying off... literally.

Panels slide in...

I picked this massive 72" long Kent Coffey credenza / dresser (from "the Greenbrier" collection) at Salvation army a few weeks back, and found a buyer in a matter of hours.  Those diamond panels in the middle slide back and forth to reveal the large set of drawers in the middle (if you didn't catch that from the pics and captions...).

Panels slide out...

This is definitely one of my favorite pieces this year, and if it wasn't way too big for our current apartment I probably would have kept it for myself.

Sexy curve.

I like how tops curves in at the center, and for being several decades old the surfaces look amazing.

Julia and I probably carried this for about 100 feet.  It wasn't fun.

This little guy has lots of character, and I wish I could say it could be yours, but it never made it to craigslist.  We showed this little dresser to the same individual who purchased the large credenza from us, and she bought it immediately.  I understand, since I did the same thing when I bought it at a thrift store in Peabody.  It's just great; I'm mixed about the pulls, but I love how they are styled with the wood on the top drawers.

The way I shot this almost makes the dresser look tiny. 

I pretty much love everything about this piece too, and I would love to find another one once I have a larger space to put it in... I feel like I'm in the beginning stages of becoming a dresser hoarder.  Thank goodness I sold both of these off.

Let us know if you're interested, and in the North Shore (MA) area. 

This one is still mine though...
Another recent Salvation Army purchase, this two-piece Mainline by Hooker hutch also has sliding panels on the bottom half.  We've found several similar Mainline hutches by Hooker listed online for $500 (w/o shipping), and they were even smaller than ours, so the future is bright for this one (as long as people stop calling it a hooker... hehe).

It may seem like I've been monopolizing all of the good finds at the thrift stores, but even when I go back religiously I see great items in the sold sections, and yes I'm jealous.  Just go early and often, and act fast when you like something - the Kent Coffey credenza had just come out on the floor at Salvation Army and hadn't even been priced yet when we found it.

We're curious... if you're a mid century fan, where do you buy furniture? How often do you find this style of furniture at thrift stores, estate sales, etc?

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  1. I rarely find MCM furniture at the thrifts anymore and when I do it's in bad shape or priced high. I see more of it at estate sales but it definitely sells quickly! Luckily I found some of my pieces on Craig's List 5 years ago when I first moved to Chicago. I've been on the look out for the perfect credenza so I'm jealous of your first 2 finds!

  2. I see quite a bit of MCM furniture in our thrifts. I think the Indianapolis crowd doesn't appreciate it quite as much as, say, East Coasters. It always kills me to leave it behind, but I have no way to transport it and way too much furniture in my tiny house as it is. :) I love all three of these pieces! Amazing finds.

  3. I love your brasilia dresser. The Broyhill Brasilia line is my favorite of all the mcm furniture lines. Recently I was lucky enough to find this brasilia credenza: http://www.pdxpicker.com/2012/02/broyhill-brasilia-tribute.html


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