It's Alive-ing Space: Ch-ch-ch-changes

As usual, things have been changing rather rapidly in our little abode, and the "Tour the Space" page was way behind, so we FINALLY found the time (which is surprisingly difficult, since we both have to be home, there has to be a good amount of sun outside, and the apartment has to be clean and tidy...) to take updated pictures for an "It's Alive-ing Space" post!

The floor plan on the "Tour the Space" page also got an update to reflect the changes. Here's the current layout:

I added a lot more color to give a better idea what it all looks like. In our next apartment (have we mentioned yet that we're moving in July?) we are going to have more rooms (two bedrooms! We've been living without bedrooms for so long we almost forgot what they're for...), so we can actually have a little home office space. Chris found a nice mid century desk at a good price, so we just bought it and shoved it behind the sofa for now. 

Here's a floor plan that never even made it to the blog; this was before Chris bought the desk, so there was a bit more room in the living space. By the way, the weird round chair by the organ is our Peacock chair... I had no idea how to draw it.

For reference, here is the original floor plan, back when we had big brown chairs instead of a sofa and an ugly black desk in the living space, before we bought most of our lovely mid century furniture.

Now let's get to the pictures! Keep in mind that the lighting in our apartment is not ideal (read=terrible), and of course the space is really tiny, so it's hard to get a good angle on the room. Sorry about the blown-out windows... that's just the only way to get enough light. Still, I think our pictures have dramatically improved since we started blogging, so yay for learning! As usual, Chris took most of the pictures, and I did most of the organizing/styling of the space.

The living room area. Changes since the last time we posted pictures are: the bar cart in the corner, the desk behind the sofa (which is actually a great height for that spot) and all the stuff on it, the Peacock chair, and the Lane Acclaim triangular side table (which has a piece of glass cut to fit the top, hence the reflection). Things they are a changin'.

I love my homemade ornaments hanging above the organ (you can find more about them and my Christmas crafting frenzy here).

Our awesome $25 craigslist sofa has been serving us quite well.

Bella loves to cuddle up on the sheepskin on our $12 Savers Peacock chair.

We moved our selection of benches (and a giant glass jug Chris found on the side of the road) to the end of the bed. They make a good spot to sit and put on shoes. It's kindof sad that the end of the bed is close enough to the front door to warrant this, but that's studio living for you!

The widest picture we could manage of the living space. Yes, we do need a wide angle lens. Plus a longer lens for taking pictures of our items for sale. If only we had infinite money...

This is the view from the eating space into the living space. One room, two globes. One is all antique-y looking, and the other is light-up Fischer Price -- a little contrast is always a good thing.

I'm sure you read our gallery wall post a couple weeks ago that explained our lovely new (old) collection of art on the tv wall. Unfortunately most of the tv stuff doesn't fit in our awesome $75 yard sale credenza (which is actually the lower half of a hutch- the upper half is in the entry hallway), so it had to be squeezed in all over the place.

And here's the rest of that wall, including the lovely mid century dresser, which was effectively free since we bought it as part of a set that we sold for a profit. Don't ask me why there's a skateboard and a game under the dresser. It's a small apartment. Chris likes to stash things in strange places, which I don't always catch before taking pictures. 

Moving right along into the bedroom area, we are still loving our $3 yard saled "Periodic Chart of the Atoms."

We love Chris's beautiful wood closet doors, and the awesome vintage level he put on top of the door frame.

This is basically what you see as you enter our apartment. That $5 blue record storage side table is rapidly filling up with second-hand records for our free player we picked up at a yard sale. It would actually be totally full if we put all our records in it instead of spreading them around the apartment.

That's all for now, folks! Someday maybe we'll clean out the eating space and dressing space enough to take pictures of them, too (that's where all the stuff that's usually cluttering up the living space went for these pics... hey, when you're trying to run a re-selling business out of a studio stuff tends to build up).

What do you think of the changes? Have you been rearranging furniture lately or picking up new pieces you have to cram in, too?


  1. I really love your place. I think you guys do a great job at organizing and displaying all your stuff! It doesn't look cluttered to me, just fun to look at. :) I also love your new blog header. I also think your pictures are very good. I have a hard time photographing my living room. It has to be really sunny out, or the pictures turn out so dark.

  2. Jaw-droppingly gorgeous! I don't think I've ever seen a cuter studio apartment. It'll be tricky to make your new space as cozy, I'm working on that right now with my larger apartment.

    This post is so inspiring, going to keep looking back on it as I settle in! :)

  3. In your drawing, the Peacock chair looks like my kids' Little People chair. So cute. I love your space and can't wait to see what you do with a bigger one...


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