Gallery Wall Revamp

We've been planning to update our gallery wall in the living space for quite awhile now, and we finally got around to doing it! The art is a combination of thrifted finds, art we purchased from the artists at local art festivals, and a few of Chris's art assemblages. Here's how it looks:

This is also a little sneak peek of an "It's Alive-ing Space" post (where we show how our apartment has changed and improved as we add new pieces) that we are long overdue for. On the left is the beautiful dresser we bought as part of a bedroom set back in February. We sold the rest of the bedroom set for a tidy profit, and now this lovely piece stands in the living space and holds Chris's clothes.

For reference, here's how sad and empty it looked before, with just a smattering of little frames:

Don't ask me what Chris was watching when he took these "before" pictures, or why he didn't turn the tv off... but you get the point.

Here's the side angle. Eww.

Ooh... Ahhh... So much better.

Starting at the top, here's a little tour of the gallery wall, moving counter-clockwise:

I bought the big framed map ("The Oldest Map of the New World") at a yard sale for $10 in February (in the Nifty Thrifty here). It is the largest piece and anchors the whole wall. To the left is a little square photograph in a silver frame that Chris bought at another yard sale for a couple dollars last year. It is signed and titled by the  artist. Right below that is a print I bought on 20x200 using the LivingSocial deal I posted about last September. It's "Down By the River my Lungs and I" by Pattie Lee Becker. I also got another print with the deal, but it isn't framed or on the wall yet, so that'll be a surprise for another time. The left and right little framed pieces are illustrations of cameras printed on patterned paper that Chris bought from the artist at SOWA Open Market last year. Finally, the little green one is one of Chris's little art assemblages (framing illustrations from vintage instruction manuals and such).

Moving to the left, we have the crazy gold framed flower painting, which is an original (with nice thick paint) that Chris bought at Savers for a couple dollars. I usually hate ornate gold frames, but there's just something about this little guy. Below is our good old JFK painting (or fake painting? More on that in this post) I bought for $15 at the same yard sale as the big map.

Now we're looking at the lower middle portion of the wall. On the lower left is a little framed photograph of a black cat on awesomely painted stairs. Chris bought it from the artist (Jim Nilsen) at the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts a few summers ago. The giant Edison lightbulbs were picked up by Chris for $2 total at a thrift store in February, and they are sitting in a wood bowl Chris's sister gave him for Christmas. We bought the crows target practice graphic piece at a Brooklyn flea market last summer. On the right is a hand painted photograph Chris got from his grandfather last week (he posted about it here).

Moving up a little and to the right, we have a lovely bird woman illustration that Chris bought at a yard sale for a dollar or two awhile ago. It is signed "JS" and is marked as number 6 in an edition of 33. I think she is awesome. The frame, along with most of the others here (except the pieces that came with frames), was picked up at either a thrift store or yard sale for super cheap.

Finally, on the right of the wall above the tv we have a cool deer drawing we bought at a thrift store in Bend for $3 (and it came framed), and another one of Chris's little green art assemblages. We installed this little floating shelf last year to hold our Kinect (for when we want to jump around and play silly xbox games), but it usually holds a much more attractive assortment of items, including a little glass case assemblage Chris put together (read about it here), a tiny red glass lobster from an estate sale, a yellow Kodak film canister from a yard sale, and a rainbow colored tingler (it tickles your head... just look it up if you don't know).

That's all, folks! Oh, and just in case you were wondering... yes, there's a top hot on the record player. I don't know why.

So what do you think? Are you a gallery wall fan, or do you prefer giving your art a bit more space on the wall? Are you a maximalist or minimalist? We've given in to being maximalists... it was hopeless to resist.

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