Oregon Vacation

And we're back! It has been quite awhile.

It's funny how before you go on vacation you think to yourself that you'll totally find time to throw up a post, and then when you're actually on vacation things like blogging just don't seem that important...

Anyway, we had a lovely time in Oregon. I mean, how could you not? Here's a little sampling of what we did (or at least what we remembered to take pictures of...):

Chris plays with a strange spring-y thing

We checked out an architectural salvage store that was just a few blocks from my parents house in Portland.

These are just the metal and black ones.

Need a doorknob? They had doorknobs. This was just one small section of their doorknob collection.

The hyena is named Terrance

How about a taxidermy hyena? They have that, too.

Does your stove have such shapely legs?

I love these old stoves. They're just so much more attractive than stainless...

This set of two glass folding french doors would make an awesome room divider, but we were not about to pay $2,000 for them.

We love the idea of having some giant switches for decoration, but (even better) wouldn't it be awesome if you could hook your lights up to these?

On Wednesday we drove over to Mt. Hood to go skiing. Chris puts chains on the Prius. Not the best skiing car, but it is what my parents had to offer, so we made it work.

The road up the mountain started getting quite snowy. There was a huge storm going over the mountains, so we had a ridiculous amount of fresh powder.

Chris magically took the perfect "selfie" on his first try with me smiling in the background. Look at all that snow! We were too distracted by our first day of fantastic Oregon skiing at Hood to take pictures, so we made sure to take a bunch when we skied Mt. Bachelor down in Bend, Oregon a few days later, so all these pictures are from there.

So much snow. It was too much for my little skis to handle, really. It just looks like I'm standing in it, since my skis are totally covered. I need powder skis like Chris...

Chris poofs down some untouched fluff.

Skiing through the trees, where we spent most of our time.

This is towards the top of the tree line, where the trees were just little gnarled things coated in ice. Chris looks like a badass leaning into the turn.

"Love is telling her she's as lovely as the day you were married" 

Of course, when we weren't skiing we found lots of time for thrifting. We bought a ton of stuff, which will be in the next Nifty Thrifty post, but there were a few silly things we couldn't take home that I just had to take pictures of. This "Love is" glass at a thrift store in Bend was adorable, but we were worried about packing glasses in our luggage so we left it for someone else to find.

He was covered in real fur!

Little fuzzy moose thing anyone? This hilarious little guy was at a Goodwill in Portland, but he was falling apart (broken antlers, one ear was falling off...) and had no price tag so I decided he wasn't really worth it.

I have no idea what this is for.

This little box at an awesome vintage store in Portland was labeled something like "super secret stash box." It was just too silly and un-secret to not take a picture of.

On our last day in Portland we went to a bunch of thrift stores and a couple antique malls. This antique market (Monticello Antique Marketplace) had lots of cute farmhouse style stuff.

My mom checks out a booth chock full of fun stuff.

Pretty vintage floral quilts.

Chris pokes around and finds a cool mod box.

We had an awesome time on vacation, but we should be jumping right back into our regular posting schedule. Now we just have to take pictures of all the stuff we bought these past few weeks... oh no!

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  1. Wow, looks like a great trip. That architectural salvage store is so tidy...


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