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As Julia mentioned in her post on our Oregon vacation, we did a lot of thrifting while there.  We actually had to bring a whole other checked bag home to carry all the stuff we bought... oops.  This isn't everything, but we didn't even have time to take pictures of it all, but this is most, if not all, of the stuff that will be for sale.

Everything will be up in our Etsy shop soon:

I bought this awesome gold mid century candle holder at an antique mall in Portland (Antique Alley). We're always on the lookout for these types of candle holders, so we were excited to find one at a reasonable price.  I've even seen one of the candle holders I have go for $75 on Etsy!

Who took your change...?

We found this funny little metal owl bank at a thrift store in Bend (one of about 8-10 thrift stores in the little city... I'm not complaining, but honestly it's just a little surprising).  This copper owl has oodles of quirky personality.

Can you tell I had a difficult time photographing this?

I found this solid brass basketball hoop at a thrift store in Sisters (a small town near Bend in Central Oregon).  It's solid brass and quite heavy.  I used to have a koosh hoop on the back of my door in my room as a kid, so needless to say I was pleasantly surprised to find this.  Julia wasn't particularly excited about this one, but I talked them down to a good price, so I was pumped.  Even Julia agreed this would be sweet above a brass trash can, but I could also see this in an office.

I usually don't like these, but this one is not only perfect, but has a sweet design too!

Julia has been eyeing these enamel bowls for awhile now, so she was excited to find this little one in perfect condition at an estate sale in Portland.  Plus it was the second day of the sale, so everything was half off.  For a second day, the sale was surprisingly not very picked through, and she found quite a few good things...

Time to shake it up a little.

Like this pair of salt and pepper glass jar shakers.  Again, perfect condition.

Stupid depth of field...

And these mid century salad utensils with very long wood handles...

There is something very novel about stainless steel and wood.

And this matching metal and wood set of a little bowl with a tray, and...

Ooooo... Shiny.

A sugar bowl and creamer on a tray.  So classy.

Epic Win!

We were amazed at how many thrift stores we found in Bend, and we were quite excited to find this Cathrineholm piece in the more rare Viking pattern at a little thrift store, since we have been looking for any Cathrineholm for awhile now without any luck.  This lasagna pan has some damage to the enamel around the rim, but the outside where the pattern is and the inside are both in great condition, and it came with the holder, at a great price.

If you're gonna spy one someone, spy on them with style, and in 3D. 

At the same thrift store, I snagged these vintage red binoculars, which are marked as made in Italy.  Julia was doubtful, but once she looked through them, she was convinced.  They are surprisingly fun.

I love this.

We also went to some sales in Bend, and at one estate sale I picked up this awesome vintage Radio Shack weather radio with a sticker on the side that boasts "simulated rosewood grain finish." Somehow it only picks up a station that gives the weather for wherever you are... pure awesomeness.

Mmmm... avocado.

At the same estate sale, Julia picked up this avocado green Pyrex casserole dish.  It's in good condition and super cheap.

I'd expect the brown to be boring, but these are very cool.

Back in Portland we found this pair of little brown Pyrex casseroles with lids in the Woodland pattern at a Goodwill store.  We've sold several Pyrex dishes recently, so we feel justified in buying more, especially when they have lids and a cool pattern.

This is easily one of the nicest cheese plates I've ever found.

Back in Massachusetts we picked up a few things, too.  Savers had a strange bounty of vintage cheese boards, so we picked up two nice ones.  This one is made by Gail Craft Quality Woodenware in Japan.  It has beautiful dark wood and a knife that was once attached with a little gold chain.

Cloche eh? Ya learn something new everyday.

This one is gorgeous teak, made by Dolphin, and even has a glass cloche to cover the cheese tile.  It's basically in perfect condition, too.

Early string theory serving plate.

I bought this serving plate with a mid century pattern on it at the Salvation Army.  It's not marked on the bottom, so we can't really find anything about it.  Anybody have any ideas?

I wish the handles were a darker stain, but I could always do that myself.

I picked this tray up at a garage sale awhile back.  It's graphic and cool, and I think it looks great on the map background.

Overall our Oregon trip was quite successful on the thrifting front, and we also enjoyed checking out a bunch of vintage stores to see what other people like us are up to.

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  1. Those binoculars are great! My favorite color!

  2. I think I like everything you found!!!

  3. that cheese plate with the glass cover is amazing. also love the little owl, how cute. great finds!

  4. Wow, I love all your finds! The cheeseboards and the catherineholm dish are gorgeous!

  5. wow, that's quite the haul! I can see why you needed an extra bag and I would have probably done the same thing! My faves are the Cathrineholm and the lil owl... so cute

  6. I'm impressed that you fit all of that in one extra bag! My favorites are the candle holder and that awesome weather radio. Very nice!


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