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Can you tell I'm behind the map?

Hey everybody!  Julia and I are just hours away from flying off to the west coast for 10 days to see our families and enjoy a little vacation.  We may find time to post this week, but don't hold your breath.  But before we left we decided you deserved a little Nifty Thrifty first.  A bunch of these items will eventually be posted on Etsy, but not until we get back.

So, Craigslist is my new obsession, and it's becoming a great friend.  This past week we've picked up a great mid century modern desk and this little vanity chair.  We actually have a sister chair to this with a green cushion.  I've seen these sold, without a cushion, for $115.  Of course ours cost much less than that.  We bought the desk for ourselves, but is in a terrible spot to take a picture right now, but eventually you'll get to see it, too.

Julia and I picked this little plastic tray at Savers the other day.  The style of the graphic road runner bird is awesome.

This is the first of several items I bought at Garage sales this week.  We sold one of these a few weeks ago, and they are just too cool to pass up.  I love that cents rolls over into dimes, and dimes roll over into dollars.

This is also something I found at a garage sale this week.  We actually have a very similar one already; our other one says "Made in Occupied Japan" on its belly, but the new one has no markings.  We are not completely sure, but I think these are match catches (where you toss your smoldering matches after use).

I picked this up at the same garage sale as the last two items; I love trivets, they are always so colorful and fun.

This Salt shaker has a chromed metal shell that houses a blue glass vessel within, and the holes in the cap even draw an "S".  We are thinking about putting our special Fleur de Sel in it.  Then we would need a pepper grinder that is equally as classy, and that'll be hard to find, but I like a challenge.

This cream and sugar set was another Savers win. Strangely enough, the creamer says Pyrex on the bottom and the sugar pot says Corning.  Pyrex was owned by Corning, but still...

And we even found tiny refrigerator Pyrex in the pink Gooseberry pattern. Savers! Hooray!

We found this beautiful japanese chrome and wood sauce pan Savers.  This might be hard to part with. On a side note -- you can see our entire apartment in the reflection of this.

These knives were another of this week's garage sale wins, and we're keeping them for use in our own kitchen.  The paring knife in particular is quite nice, but both are strong, well weighted, and have beautiful wood handles.

This cast metal and wood carving board was also bought at Savers this week. You can also remove the cast metal piece and use the lovely wood tray separately.

Picking through garages gifted me this strange set of glass equipment.  I have no idea what they are for, but they are pretty intriguing, and we all know I like interesting glass.

I'm starting to acquire an affinity for mid century bar equipment, like this set of ice tongs.  A rare, but welcome, Witch City Consignments find (a local thrift/consignment store that's sometimes a bit pricey). It must have been a good day at that store, though, because in the same trip I found something else there:

This acts like it wants to hang out with the tongs, but the metals are different. Little glasses for little drinks.

Wanna feel like a VIP?  Just lift this beer stein to your lips, and you will.  This is hilarious, it even has the classic glass bottom so you'll never get punched in the face while drinking out of it.  If they did try however, you'd be right there to smash 'em with your mug because you are a very important person.

And on that note... Cheers! We're off on vacation to the micro brewery capitol of the country (Portland, OR). Mmmm...
Wish us luck finding some little thrifty finds that we can fit in our suitcases to bring home!

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  1. You're lucky that garage sale season has already started in your area-- it's been unseasonably warm in Chicago lately but garage sales haven't popped up yet. I love the set of little glasses in the carrier and the super shiny chrome sauce pan. Have a good vacation!

  2. Have a great trip!! I am going to visit my family soon also, and all my favorite thrift stores in OHIO! I can't wait. I love that little vanity stool. Very cute.

  3. Very fun group of finds this week! I love the Couroc tray and the stool. I have a VERY similar stool with an identical cushion that I inherited from my grandmother. I don't have a good spot for it, so it just migrates around my house from week to week. I just love it, though. Happy vacation!

  4. Cool Glassware and ditto on the glass set you got. Looks like you had some great scores :)

  5. I love the money counter and the pyrex!

  6. That salt shaker is breathtaking! And I definitely am classy enough for that stein. Haha. You have an amazingly good eye.

  7. I like that little 'gator and think he would do very well at my house, eating spent matches. Wicked cool.

  8. wow, this is a great haul! that trivet is super cute and that vanity chair is AWESOME! i need to shop on craigslist more often...i just sell on there now.


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