New Terrariums!

I've been continuing my attempts at making easy mossy terrariums, and I feel like it's working out pretty well.  Several of my recent jars are still looking quite healthy after about a month!  I hope they stand the test of time like my other terrariums.

In all of our thrifting we have come across many interesting glass jars, and I am always looking for the perfect terrarium vessel, and how to use it.  Here are some of my recent experiments.

I love these large glass jars, but I have a really hard time finding ones as nice as this with enough viewing space rather than colorful patterns.

The little stump of a plant hanging out above the moss is the remains of a small plant I rescued from a yard sale; it seemed to be doing well for a few months, but then it lost all of its leaves.  I feel that this new spot of importance will bring it back to life.

I recently purchased seven of these small apothecary jars at the Savers in Danvers, and I have been trying to decide how to arrange them.  As you can see, I've been dabbling with small toys to play with the sense of scale, and to add a playful touch.  I bought these silly vintage girl action figures called "Cuties" at Savers a few weeks ago, and now they have a home.

I like the army man in here, but I feel like the Cutie figurines fit in the little serene glass jars more readily.  I'd have to reconsider the vessel before making another soldier terrarium.  On a similar note, having used toy figures, I wanted to use tiny toy cars (micro machines in particular).  I really like the idea of playing with scale even more by creating small landscape scenes.

This is easily the most successful of the apothecary jars I turned into terrariums; the tiny moss and lichen spears rise from the ground like large blades of grass.

This is my favorite rock. That's right, I have a favorite rock...  I found it at a black sands beach in Hawaii, and if you look closely you can see a face.  Hooray anthropomorphism!

Ok, I stole the idea of using a glass teapot from somebody's Etsy shop, but it's so good, and just too easy not to try out.  I love glass tea kettles for tea, but they are an equally great way to keep and display some greenery.

This one is not yet complete, but it still looks nice from this side.  There is actually a big chunk of wood attached to the moss for a food source in this one, but I ran out of moss in filling in the other side.  Perhaps I'll add a toy SUV to go off-roading in my teapot.

This is the simplest of my terrariums, but one of Julia and my favorites.  It has at least four plants sprouting out of the little moss patch!

As you can see, a bunch of these have clear glass marbles at the bottom, which I picked up at an estate sale quite awhile ago. So basically everything I used was thrifted, except the moss, which was free!

Which terrarium's did you like best, or is there an even better idea out there?  Let us know!


  1. I love these - favorite is the glass teapot. You have inspired me to try one!

  2. OMG, the kettles are amazingly cute!


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