Our First Architectural Salvage Adventure

Two weekends ago Chris and I finally found the time to explore Restoration Resources, our local architectural salvage store, and we brought along our friend, Brian of Hands over Feet. This was our first architectural salvage adventure (as the title suggests...) so we were pretty excited to see what all the fuss was about. And it was so incredibly worth it. Now I'm a little sad that we don't have an old fixer upper house to make beautiful with all the insanely awesome stuff we saw. Here's just a little snippet of the wonderfulness we found there:

More beautiful mantels for me to drool over than I could have possibly imagined. I love mantels. So much. Just give me a fireplace and I will be a happy girl.

These two mantels were in the front showroom area of the store, but there were stacks upon stacks of mantels in the back warehouse area that were harder to photograph, but so fantastic.

That's one epic antique stove. I love how they used to make stoves actually look attractive. What happened to that? Most appliances today just look so utilitarian and not pretty.

Chris and Brian are inspecting some of the many beautiful antique seltzer bottles on display (and for sale way above our price range) in the front room.

Sadly, this awesome wood Public Telephone Station was not bigger on the inside. We checked. In this picture Chris and I are probably discussing whether we think it might magically turn into a TARDIS if we paint it blue... (If you're totally confused right now, click the link. Or just forget about it and move on. Your choice).

It's like vintage design porn. So many doorknobs, so little time. Incidentally, you may recall that just a week after this architectural salvage adventure, I found beautiful porcelain marbled wood style doorknobs at an estate sale for $1. Much much cheaper than these doorknobs. Here are my beauties:

So lovely. So much less expensive than the others. Two of my favorite descriptors.

Back to Restoration Resources:

This crazy lucite chandelier was chilling on a table, waiting for someone to fix that one wonky arm, and then give it the life it has always dreamed of in a well designed home. Brian lurks in the background, looking very excited about something to the left.

We even went digging around in the basement where they had all sorts of strange treasures, including this fantastic neon "Home" sign, that we all wanted to buy. I mean, how cool would it be to have an old neon "Home" sign hanging on your wall? Unfortunately it was actually part of a bigger neon sign "something something home furnishings" (not actually "something something" but I can't remember the company name) that didn't seem to be for sale together or in parts.

Just want to point out that most of the pictures I took were of the cleaner showroom areas of the shop, except for this basement picture, but a lot of the place was more warehouse style, bins of hardware, stacks of doors, etc. It got a little messy. It was like digging for treasure.

I don't think this post is accurately describing how excited I was walking around this place and poking through all these beautiful things. I think there was a constant stream of quiet admiring "ooooh" and "ahhhh" sounds coming from me as I lovingly stroked every dusty thing in that shop. I hope I washed my hands before eating my next meal. Anyway, in all that excitement, I just couldn't stop myself from purchasing a little piece of the love, and I ended up with the smallest, coolest little window latch ever:


I have the other little piece that it latches onto, too, but my favorite part is the latch itself. I'm actually thinking of using it as something other than a window latch, maybe some kind of hook? On the back you can watch the little mechanisms turn, and it's a two part system so that it locks solidly in place. So cool. It just feels so good to turn. I definitely spent more than I ever normally would on such a little thing, but I couldn't help it. What can I say? Apparently architectural salvage gets me going.

Have you ever explored an architectural salvage store? Gotten excited about old doorknobs and latches and mantels? Actually put any of those wonderful salvaged things to use in your own home?


  1. Yes, there is one of these stores just down the street from us, you'll have to check it out! Haven't bought anything yet but lots of cool old stuff, to match the old homes around here.

  2. Looks fun! I love going to places like that. :)

  3. SO MANY TREASURES!!! Those door knobs - sigh...


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