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Julia and I had another good week of thrifting, but our biggest win was actually from last weekend.  The amazing mid century cherry bedroom set you see below was a huge find at an estate sale last weekend, which we were finally able to pick up this Saturday, and now we are selling these three pieces on craigslist:

Ah, check them legs out. It's all for sale on craigslist here

If we had any need for a double... but we don't.

This side table is very cool, and it's top surface is very close to perfect.

This piece is truly awesome.
This long dresser is really nice, and the mirror is flawless.  We would probably hang the mirror on the wall instead of having it mounted to the top of the piece, but It definitely doesn't look bad.

Mine, All Mine.
However, I am keeping one piece of the set as my own personal dresser...
My folded clothes have been blocked off by our collection of boxes for shipping Etsy items for quite some time.  So, needless to say, I'm very excited to have some accessible storage spot. The dresser will be in where our desk used to be, before we finally got rid of it through craigslist last week. I never really liked that desk, so I was glad to see it go.

Like this dresser, many of our finds this week were for ourselves:

Welcome JFK!

That's right, we welcomed a president into our living space this Saturday.  This "painting" (if you can even call it that) was bought by a soldier while he was stationed in Vietnam back in the early seventies.  We think it might be a print that's been altered to give it a paint-like texture (it has this weird honeycomb like texture over the color), but it's still pretty cool. We found him at a yard sale on Saturday.  The other thing you might have noticed in this picture is the awesome brass glass rack that now holds our very full set of "Uh Huh" glasses.

Since this photo we have found the perfect space for the cart at the moment.

I've been wanting a rolling bar cart for quite some time now, and I finally found one on craigslist that I was willing to drop some cash on, and it was totally worth it.  The wheels are not quite perfect (no, they did not make that scratch in the floor- it was already there), but all in all, it's a beautiful piece. It's nice solid wood with a hard black surface. In this picture it's sitting in the spot where my new dresser will go, and the cart will be moving somewhere else. Maybe it's time for a new "It's Alive-ing Space" post to show how much our space has changed recently...

Let there be light, from giant light bulbs nonetheless.

I found these 100 Watt Edison light bulbs at 50¢ each at a thrift store we definitely need to check out more often. They're huge, and I have no idea what I'll use them for, but it'll be good.

Don't tell them, but I think they missed some stuff.

Julia found this awesome vintage map at the same yard sale where she found the JFK painting, and it is a great find.  It's even professionally framed! It was $10, which is definitely a good deal for such a big framed piece. We've been thinking about switching up the art on our walls for awhile now (especially the tv wall and the wall behind our bed), so hopefully this guy will have a good spot on the wall soon.

It's not a full set, but I love them; they are weighted perfectly! 

I picked these up for around $3.00 at the Salvation Army, and I intend to keep them all for myself... and Julia, but if you'd like some unique mid century cutlery don't you fret, just look at the next two photos.

Finds for our Etsy shop:

These are almost too cool.  On Etsy here.

That's right, hybrid mid century cutlery.  Sporks have never been so cool?

These are some of the most elusive items I have come across. Impossible to research.  Strange for such a weird thing. 

Oh, and did I mention that it's a full six setting set? I found them at Savers just the other day hanging in a small bag on the wall.  I have incredible shiny object radar; a very helpful trick in thrifting.

Perfect for fighting in space or busting through brick walls on a rainy day.

I have no idea why, but these vintage board games just call to me.  This one however, screamed.

Who is the six million dollar man? On Etsy here

I love how every player is this hilarious running man, and the "computer counter" (the spinner) is just classic. I picked this up at Savers on Friday. It's in great condition, made in 1975.

on Etsy here

I found these at Salvation Army at the same time as the silverware set we're keeping. This set actually came with one more yellow lotus bowl, which we are adding to our own ever-growing set of multi-colored lotus bowls.

And then, as always, we picked up some vintage Pyrex:

Julia and I love the leaf pattern inside the flowers. On Etsy here.  

I found this vintage promotional blue Tulip Pyrex casserole at Savers the other day, along with...

We found some Pyrex in the same colors last week. This one is on Etsy here.

This mustard yellow and brown Pyrex divided casserole dish is the same color scheme as two other pyrex bowls we have up on Etsy now.

I had never seen a Pyrex this large before. On Etsy here.

I picked up this HUGE blue and white Pyrex mixing bowl at the Salvation Army in Nashua NH last week.  Why waste cupboard space with crappy plastic mixing bowls when you can have colorful giant glass bowls like this.

These bowls are the deepest/darkest blue Pyrex we've ever seen.  Super cool! On Etsy here

These are some two of the most genuinely beautiful pyrex bowls I have ever found, and they're almost unscratched.

That's all for this week. Did you find anything good? What do you think of our purchases? We love hearing what you guys think every week as we spend more and more of our time working on this stuff!

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  1. Oh my gosh, you guys had a great week! I love everything, but I am DYING over the bedroom set. Gorgeous. Also love the "sporks" (ha). The ones on the left look kind of like olive forks (?). In any case, they're awesome!

    1. Thanks Heather! We were really excited to find that bedroom set. Hopefully we'll find it a good home soon! And the best part is that we get to keep that one dresser for ourselves :)
      I didn't even know there was such a thing as an olive fork! I will have to look that up. I learn so many new things everyday in this thrifting business...

  2. Looks like you had a great week. I'm so envious of your bar cart. I found an identical one at a sale recently but was priced a bit to high for me, so I left it behind. Now I wish I hadn't.

    1. Thanks NVH, I totally feel your pain, I've regretted passing up deals before. This was a great find though; in searching for this bar cart I can only find one similar item for sale, and its over $700!!!!! I found mine for a very reasonable $80. Best of luck in your bar search!

  3. Wow... Just WOW! That cherry set is beautiful as is the cutlery set. Love everything you brought in! Cracking up over the Six Million Dollar Man game (I have a very old framed picture of Lee majors signed "Steve Austin", lol).

    1. Thanks Wendy, I just found the rest of the cutlery set today! I love the idea of the signed "Steve Austin" portrait; the game is just hilarious. I hope we can find it a good home!

  4. I'm super jealous of that cool map and the bar cart - nice finds!

  5. I wish I had the room for the bedroom set! I'm laughing because I just got the same exact bar cart from my neighbors trash a few weeks ago!

    I found your blog through Craigslist and I'm also a Salem person! This area is great for estate sales...wait until the summer for the huge ones in Swampscott...they are always amazing.

    1. Yay for Salem (and all the great estate sales around here)! I wonder if we've run into each other at sales before without knowing it... We definitely can't wait for summer when there are way more sales to go to!

      That's amazing you found a bar cart in the trash! Those are always the best finds (mostly because they're free and unexpected in an exciting way).

      Thanks for stopping by, Kelly!

  6. oak wardrobe
    Looks like you had an excellent weeks time. I'm so resentful of your bar island. I discovered an similar one at sales made lately but was cost a bit to great for me.


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