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These past few weeks we keep finding awesome chairs, and this week was no exception. We thought we were going to get away without any seating, but then came the weekend, and we ended up with a pair of chairs and a bench! 

now up on craigslist: here

We put them all straight up on craigslist to sell; I've been hunting on craigslist daily, searching for furniture myself so it's time to return the love, especially since we don't have any more room for chairs in our apartment.

Julia snagged this bench at an estate sale on Sunday. It was an estate sale run by family members, which are the best kind for us thrifters. It looks great with the original brown, aqua, and cream vinyl cushions! And those legs... so good. The surface is a laminate wood, which someone tried to tape the corners of at some point, leaving behind a bit of stuck tape and residue, but even so, it looks awesome. 

Now up on craigslist: here

On Saturday we picked up this green pair of mid century swivel chairs at another estate sale. I had already checked it out on Friday and picked up a few Pyrex, but when we went back on Saturday they were slashing prices like nobody's business and these chairs were suddenly ours.

Update (Tuesday morning): Both the bench and the pair of chairs sold! Yay!

This week we got a bit splurgy, picking up some items for ourselves...

Could that be Swiss Alpine!? Or Swiss Chalet... Why the two names?

In between estate sales on Saturday we stopped by the Salvation Army on Rt. 1 and found this huge set of dishes. Julia has been collecting these Marcrest dishes in two different patterns (Swiss Alpine/Chalet like these, and Nordic Mint), and as soon as we walked in we were both immediately drawn to the huge set of 42 pieces in the glass case by the door.

Yes. Yes. Yes!

Julia bought the whole set for $40; that's less than $1 per piece, and they were made in the 50's! She is very pleased with her find, and is even planning to sell off a few of the pieces that we will never use to make back a bit of the cost.

Giant glass jug

I actually found this huge 5 gal. glass jug on the side of the road this Wednesday!  This was very exciting because I have been looking for one of these for home-brew purposes.  We have dabbled in making our own hard cider, but we found we were lacking the proper equipment.  Once I give it a good clean, it will be all set.

Original Nintendo

I found this for $5 at an estate sale on Friday morning before work, and you know I'm gonna keep it!
Julia always talks about how she loves Duckhunt (funny for a Buddhist)... I guess we'll be needing a light gun now.

Vinyl Pouf: $5! 

This vinyl pouf was my purchase of only five bucks at an estate sale this Saturday.  It's not perfect, but I love it.

That's what we bought for us.
And this is what we bought to pass on to the vintage-loving world (as always, there are more details and pictures on each of these items in our Etsy shop):

1980's Handbag Phone on Etsy here

This was an early win at Savers this past Monday morning. This handbag phone is awesome, and we know how much Etsy buyers love old phones...

Hilarious Lion-Head Decanter on Etsy here

This is either awesomely ridiculous or ridiculously awesome... not sure. We found it in the basement at a great estate sale on Saturday.

...and then we found some Pyrex:

Town and Country style Pyrex bowls on Etsy here

I picked these up on Friday morning at the estate sale of green swivel chair glory. They are in amazing shape.

Refigerator Dishes on Etsy here

Julia bought the pink 1950's Pyrex refrigerator dish at Savers last week, and then I found this blue one with a lid at Savers early this week. We think they look good as a set.

A beautifully aged Midwinter Tea Set on Etsy here

This is one of the most beautifully aged vintage items I have ever seen; the crazing on this Midwinter tea set is great against this rare pattern (it's called "Eden," hence the apples). Julia picked this up at the same estate sale as the lion head carafe.

White rotary phone on Etsy here

At the same exellent estate sale, we nabbed this gorgeous white rotary phone. Of the rotary phones we have owned so far, this is the nicest; it is in excellent condition, and the color is great.  I almost wanted to trade it out for our red phone that lives in our entryway.

 Aqua cups on Etsy here

Again, same estate sale. We had quite the pile going at this place. I think they liked us... These awesome turquoise insulated cups are both child friendly and classically iconic mid century.

This awesome vintage cooler on Etsy here

 We're sneaking this one in here; we found this a while ago, but had yet to photograph this great vintage  insulated cooler bag. Julia picked it up at an estate sale quite some time ago.

Flower Power plates on Etsy here

Julia found these two plates made by Royal Crown (Tear Drops pattern by PIA) in the 1970's at Beverly Bootstraps, another local thrift store we need to shop more often, on Tuesday on her way home from work.

Wood bird figurine on Etsy here

We threw this little guy in with the green chairs at that estate sale on Saturday. This duck (wait... is it a penguin?) is awesome.

Intricate wooden box on Etsy here

We bought this cool carved box along with the wooden duck and the green chairs; the former owners must have been some unique people.  In a good way of course.

Greyhound Racing Glasses on Etsy here

These greyhound racing glasses were my exciting find at our local Salvation Army, but Julia's plates are definitely the bigger win. Still, mine were almost free with the prices they charge there.

What would you do with a strange mid century stand?
This was a strange little purchase (from the Salvation Army in Nashua), but it has so much potential. I put one of my terrarium assemblages on it for now. Is it a coffee pot holder, a plant or globe stand, or is it something completely different?  We may never know, but if you can think of a good use for it I encourage you to buy it.

Awesome egg tray on Etsy here

Julia snagged this awesomely hilarious dish for deviled eggs at the Sunday estate sale (with the bench), and I feel like I'll be seeing its afterimage in the back of my eyes for days.

This is one of my favorite recent finds; if you don't know why just check out the next photo. On Etsy here

It's pretty silly, but this atomic age lamp is one of my favorite finds this week.

Yeah, so cool. On Etsy here

This would make for an awesome night light! We bought it at the estate sale with the mid century bench and the egg tray on Sunday. And guess what? Since we listed this on Etsy and started writing this post, it has already sold! Yessss.

So that concludes our best week of thrifting ever. So much stuff! We have some people coming to check out the bench and chairs soon, so hopefully we find some good homes for those soon, along with all the great new additions to our Etsy shop!

Did you find anything awesome this week? Did anyone else have a great thrifting weekend? What do you think of our finds?

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  1. Dude, those green chairs: Can they be shipped/sent/teleported to NY? Because they are amazing!

    1. Haha! I wish I could teleport (myself or the chairs). And you just missed the chairs. In and out like lighting, tripling our investment. Oh yeah. Right this very moment we're waiting for some people to come buy the bench, too! It has been a good day :)

    2. That's fantastic Julia! I'm so happy for you guys. :D

    3. Awesome! I appears that you guys are finding your true calling! Buying and selling retro furniture.

  2. This is all wonderful wonderful wonderful!!!! I love the rediculously awesome lion's head. And well just about everything else!

    1. Thanks Claire! When Chris first picked up that lion thing I was rather frightened by its awfulness... but then I realized that it is so bad that it is actually awesome. Don't you wish we had that thing for parties at Bard? :)

  3. Oh I love the Eden tea set and the two plates, what a great week you have had.

  4. What a ton of great stuff you found, I love the greyhound glasses.

  5. am also loving the lion-head jug and the little wooden duck; he just looks like he's doing a groovy dance. great blog!

    1. Haha I love the idea of the duck doing a groovy dance. I already thought he was pretty silly, but now I just see him doing a little head bob shuffle dance :)

  6. Wow, such fantastic finds! Love all of them, especially the bench and the lamp.

  7. It's just so weird to see that you love your grandmother's everyday dishes! (Swiss Alpine) And you didn't even know about this, when you picked this pattern. Must be genetic - in a good way.

    1. I know, it's actually kindof eerie that those are the dishes I started collecting...

  8. Wow-what fun :) I love it all!

  9. Holy smokes that is quite a haul! That lamp is my fave...

  10. Great finds! I love that pair of chairs. I have a duck/penguin just like that. I can't decide which it is either. I'm thinking a mating of the two.

    1. I found another one on Etsy (here) that is the same shape with a painted white belly, so now I'm leaning towards penguin. Either way, it's an awesome little piece!

  11. Great week indeed. That bench and the atomic lamp are what dreams are made off. Keep them coming!

  12. I don't know why there are two names for the Marcrest Swiss Chalet/Alpine, either, but all the things I have seen with them advertised or in the original box calls it Swiss Chalet. The only "expert" reference I have seen that calls it Swiss Alpine is replacements.com. There is currently a creamer on eBay in the original box if you want to see. Anyway, all your finds are fabulous. I love the bench - I would have snatched that up. And what a great buy on the china! Digging both the phones, too!

    1. Thanks, that is really helpful. I always just label them as both so people who are looking with either name will find them, but it is nice to know what they are actually called. I love learning about my collections!

  13. WOW! Great finds! :) You guys should link up on Mondays over on Her Library Adventures! It a great way to have people see your stuff and see other cool stuff. I did it last week. You can see her post HERE. We still have a vintage Nintendo, and when we play the Mario game it's seems so hard!!! lol Have a great weekend!!

    1. Thanks, Jessie! We actually discovered Her Library Adventures a few weeks ago, and it is definitely awesome! You should check out Apron Thrift Girl, too. Her Library Adventures usually has a link to Apron Thrift Girl in her post. We get tons of traffic from them, and it's so much fun to see what everyone else is finding, too!

      I love vintage Nintendo. That was the only system my brother and I had as kids, even as all the new fancy ones came out, and I think the original is definitely the best of them all!


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