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This week we found a nice assortment of vintage items everywhere we went. Some from Savers (our old favorite), a few at estate sales this weekend, and even a couple things from other local thrift stores we don't check quite as often. Overall a solid thrifting week.

Our first big find came on Monday when I stopped by Savers on my way to work and scored big time:

It turns out Savers doesn't restock over the weekend, so Monday morning they put out all the new donations from the past several days, and I got to reap the benefits. This beautiful Steelcase rolling chair was only $15 and is in great condition. It rolls really smoothly, and is incredibly comfortable. Even the upholstery is in good condition, although the fabric is pretty worn down on the armrests where someone's arms rested for many a year. Someday we might reupholster this chair and make it amazing, but until then it is my newest kitchen table chair. I eat in epic comfort, although it want to roll away from the table at the slightest push.

While we're on the topic of chairs, here's a better photo of our Peacock chair we bought last week chilling in the middle of the living space:

I don't know if we mentioned it at the time, but this lovely rattan chair in amazing condition was only $13. When we realized they sell on Etsy for upwards of several hundred, we ran back to Savers to scoop it up, but now we like it too much and can't sell it just yet. Maybe someday we'll be able to give it up and make a major profit.

On another note, looking back at those pictures... we seem to have a problem with draping sheepskins on chairs... it just looks so good! The sheep on the peacock chair is staying, as the cushion is just way too unattractive to see the light of day, and it's really comfy with the sheep. However, the sheep on the mid century rolling chair has since been put back on the organ bench where it came from. It looked nice, but the chair is just more comfortable without it.

Anyway, back to my Monday finds at Savers:

Mid Century Snack Trays on Etsy here

We had just seen some mid century snack trays like these (except a huge set of fourteen!) on Tatter and Fray a week earlier, when I found this little set of four at Savers on Monday! Just goes to show that once you know about something you see it everywhere. I snapped these cool little trays up, and now you can use them for your classy movie night snacks (first you have to buy them from us on Etsy).

My third and final great Monday Savers find was an awesome Epson scanner for only $10. We've been thinking about buying a nice scanner for our artwork anyway, so that was definitely a score.

Eveready Commander Hand Lantern on Etsy here

We bought this Eveready Commander flashlight at an estate sale this Saturday; holding this (with the massive battery attached that it requires to function) would definitely help you feel safe while finding your way in the dark. Or it could just sit on a bookshelf and look attractive.

Pyrex Town and Country style coffeepot on Etsy here

Either a new coffee/teapot or perhaps a new terrarium, but in such nice vintage condition it may be best on display.  This piece was half off (so it was only $2!) at a thrift store in Rockport, which we have only visited twice now. It's not very convenient for us so we don't go often, but we were up in the area for an estate sale, so we figured we would stop by, and it paid off.

Brown Dansk Paella Kobenstyle Roasting Pan - on Etsy here

Hopefully the first of many, this Dansk casserole is in almost perfect condition, and is now up in our Etsy shop. Julia has been yearning after these Dansk Kobenstyle Pans for awhile now, so when I found it at a local thrift / consignment store, which is a little more spendy than most but has good deals at times, I just couldn't help myself. And...

Yellow and Red Dansk Paella Kobenstyle Pans - red one on Etsy here

I bought three! I got these Paella pans (more Dansk Kobenstyle - you can tell by those awesome handles) at the same time as the rectangular pan, but only the red pan is for sale; we just love this model of kitchenware, and hopefully we can find a full set someday. We're starting with this yellow paella pan, which was my valentine's present for Julia. 

Not for sale! Julia loves her doorknobs.

This beautiful marbled wood doorknob set is the first of Julia's two fun finds this week. She was very pleased when they only cost one dollar at an estate sale, as we have been admiring this style of wood doorknob for awhile, and they are usually much more expensive. Someday we will have a house with a door crying out for beautiful doorknobs, and we will have just the solution. Julia will be posting about her other vintage hardware find, and the adventure we went on to discover it, later this week, so stay tuned.

Milk Glass Lamp on Etsy here

This was not a recent find, but it is one of the newest additions to our Etsy shop. Our last milk glass lamp we featured on Etsy received a ton of attention and sold promptly, so we are hoping this one will do the same. We found this lamp in the basement at an estate sale last summer (the basement is totally the best place to find great cheap stuff at estate sales, by the way). We used it along with the other lamp for awhile, but eventually decided they no longer fit into our apartment, so out they go!

Tiny Bench

 Just an impulse buy, but I love playing with scale in the space. I bought this at Savers recently and it now floats around the apartment, making room for tiny people to have a seat in strange places.

Vintage Hardwood Wattmeter Boxes and a Large Metal Ant

The giant metal ant was a recent Savers find (which Julia was not too pleased to meet), and these hardwood boxes are from the same estate sale where we found the red flashlight. They are very sturdy and each has a ventilation hole in its side; they were probably made for some form of electronic equipment (perhaps a Wattmeter: printed on an insert in the larger box), but now they are just cool containers.

Vintage Tumble Bug Game: The Unpredictable... Sensational Race
We haven't decided if we're going to sell this one yet. I found it at the estate sale of red flashlight and wood box glory. It is an awesome kinetic racing game, which includes four weighted beans, a ramp with four tracks, and four jumps randomly spaced throughout the course.  May the best bean win.

On that note, have you found any fun thrifty things recently? What do you think of our loot this week?

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  1. Great finds! I especially like the office chair. I have yet to find anything great at our Savers. The last time I was in the shelves looked pretty bare.

  2. cool stuff! I really like the flash light and the Tumblebug game!

  3. Oh, wow! Very nice finds! I love the door knobs. I'd totally change my door knobs for that. Love it!

  4. The doorknobs are an awesome score and the price was beyond a great deal. Whoever had them did not know what they are worth! I have porcelain ones like that in my house (my house is almost 100 years old) but I would love some of the glass ones or the ones you found! Great deals!

  5. Yeah, so cool that you found some snack trays! I really like the shape of yours. I'm also drooling over the doorknobs and the desk chair. Good week!!

  6. I would love to have the Tumble Bug game. I think this is similiar to the one my Mom threw out when I was a kid.


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