Classy Breakfast

I have always had an affinity for breakfast foods, and since I've been working as a substitute/co photo teacher I have had a good deal of extra morning time.  During my time off, I decided to combine two of my favorite meals: one is a spinach salad with fried tofu and truffle oil that our friend Brian (of Hands Over Feet, and with whom we had another classy breakfast with this morning) introduced us to, and the other is a breakfast sandwich. 

Doesn't it look delicious on Julia's new plates?

Normally I would make my breakfast sandwich with two fried eggs over easy, some kind of bread, cheese (admittedly I do sometimes use american; it's just too good), as well as a range of salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper.  For this sandwich, I combined (in this order) a toasted english muffin, garlic and herb goat cheese, baby spinach, a light splash of truffle oil, and two eggs fried over easy with salt, cayenne and fresh ground black pepper.  The final touch was to serve it as two open faced halves like eggs benedict.  The truffle oil adds lots of exciting aroma, and the spinach adds a unique change to the egg sandwich that is quite welcome.

This is your breakfast.
If only I had mimosas or bloody marys at the ready.  Then it would have been perfect.
On another note... Every time I look at this table I am baffled at why anyone would stain a table orange and green, but I'm not complaining; we did buy the thing for five dollars.

This is your breakfast on drugs, or at least our new place mats.

What would your classy breakfast be?

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  1. That sure looks tasty... especially with the gorgeous Kathie Winkle plate and five dollar table!


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