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This post is a wee bit late, but I just wanted to share my adventures in selling ornaments this Christmas. It was surprisingly rewarding, and I just love knowing that my homemade ornaments now belong to three very deserving and friendly people across the country! Of course I get excited every time I sell anything, be it a book on half.com, or a vintage item from our Etsy shop, but it's way more exciting when I sell something I actually made with my own hands.

First up, my Oregon Love Ornaments (which I wrote about making here):
In that post I mentioned I would be happy to sell a few if people were interested, and I ended up selling two! I happened to have two extra ceramic Oregons that I had already made but hadn't glazed yet (the other ones I made ended up on my tree or as gifts for friends), so I was able to quickly glaze the ornaments in colors selected by their new owners and send them off!

One of them went to Lo of The Inspired Pint, who is a fellow blogger and Oregonian, although unlike me she actually currently lives in the lovely state! I sent her a white Oregon ornament with a purple heart (her favorite color), and she posted awesome pictures of it on her Christmas tree!

From Lo's very kind post about it, here

So pretty, if I do say so myself!

from here (same place)

It's really quite exciting to share my little handmade guy with another blogger! I love how blogging can connect people who would never normally meet. It really makes the internet feel much more personal and friendly when I can build relationships with awesome people from all over the place.

My other Oregon ornament went to Heather in Washington DC, whose boyfriend is from Oregon and needed some home state love represented on their tree. I glazed theirs in a teal blue with a white heart, and they loved it! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of that one yet, but I'm crossing my fingers that they'll send me some soon.

The other ornament I sold was my felt snow cloud (read about it's birth here).

the snow cloud before I sent it off

That transaction happened through Etsy, but the buyer sent me a sweet email explaining her back story behind the purchase, and it is adorable. Here's what she said:
"My little granddaughter is 3 1/2 and said that what she wished for from Santa was a pink bike and a cloud. When my daughter asked her why she wanted a cloud, she said "it would be fun to play with." Well, no denying that (very imaginative thought) but how to produce the gift? When I saw your very cute cloud ornament on etsy I thought it was perfect. And she'll always remember the year she asked for a cloud."
So cute! I hope the little girl likes her cloud.

I had so much fun selling my ornaments this year, I think next year I'll make more ahead of time and see how many I can get out there... conquering the world with artsy ornaments, one Christmas tree at a time!


  1. You've captured the essence of why so many people enjoy selling their art or crafts. It's such a compliment when someone appreciates an item that you put your heart and soul into creating.

    A high school classmate from eons ago, bought one of my hats this year, just from the photos I posted on facebook. Usually I sell everything in person, so this was very special for me. Ah, I suppose this is why Esty exists.....

  2. Yeah!!! Thanks again for our ornament Julia, we love it! When we packed up Christmas this year, we left it out, its just too fun to live in a box 11 months out of the year. Happy New Year!!


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