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It seems like every time I get into an art-making frenzy lately I end up creating work that is entirely different than anything I have done before. Last September I took a giant step away from the figurative oil paintings I had been doing for years, and I started making cut paper collages (read about it here). I have made a few smaller collages since then, and I really have no good excuse for not making more, other than being crazy busy with work (teaching), school (to be a better teacher), and all the other projects and things you read about here on our blog. For the whole Christmas season I pretty much replaced art with ornaments, which was great at the time, but then it was halfway through January and I was in desperate need of a new creative outlet, so I went back to the drawing board. Literally. I did some pen and ink drawing...

the little lines in the background are the texture of the watercolor paper

My sixth grade students are currently working in pen and ink (it's those calligraphy pens that you dip in ink), and I got totally jealous inspired to do some pen and ink drawing of my own, which I haven't done in forever. Actually, I can't remember the last time I did it, so yeah... forever.

And it was so good. Therapeutic, fun, and super specific/nit-picky (which I totally love). You can get a crazy amount of detail with this method, and I love little details.

Moose-hawk-chicken anyone?

My process was basically to start drawing a pattern, then see how it evolved and morphed as I moved around the page. I let the pen guide the way, and just had fun playing with shapes and line quality. The lines soon turned into masses that looked like strange creatures, so I just went with the flow, and let them become awesome non-sensical beings. I like trying to name them and figure out what kind of hybrid animal they might be.

By the way, for reference, these drawings are pretty small. The one above is actually probably smaller than it appears on the screen, and the other two are about the same size as they appear.

I'm quite pleased with what I made, and I love how different it is from everything else I have done before. I made these three drawings one night at the farm over the long weekend. I am hoping to find some time to do more drawing soon and see what happens next. I want to make tons of one of a kind art like this and sell it on Etsy, so maybe these will be for sale soon...?

Have you made any art recently? What crazy animal hybrids do you see in my drawings? Help me identify my creatures!


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