More Drawing and Collaging

Since my last post (10 days ago! I can't believe it has been so long...) I have been going a bit crazy trying to do too many things like work, start new grad classes, apply for jobs for next year, figure out what the heck I'm going to do in the future... you know, easy stuff like that. Somehow I managed to squeeze in a smidgen of time one evening to make some art, and I'm very glad I did. Also, I just listed my pen and ink drawings on Etsy, so you can own your very own little original artwork made by me! Check them out in our shop here!

I started out with another intricate patterned form, although this one didn't turn into an animal-like shape like the other ones I made last time, although there are multiple little creature things within the whole:

on Etsy here!

I really like how all the organic shapes fit together to make the whole form, but each bit is totally unique. This kind of drawing is so relaxing because I just get lost in the ink and the patterns and the lines that come out from my pen tip.

My next drawing ended up with this strange little conglomeration in the middle of a big page, and I knew it needed something more that I felt I couldn't get with just more black and white lines. So, I busted out my big envelope of cut out body parts that I mentioned in my last post, and Chris and I had a grand time trying out different pieces coming out of the drawing from varying angles. In the end, I landed on this:

There's more white space around the edges on the actual drawing, which gives the figure more room to breathe, but I cropped it to just the image for this so you can see it better. I like how between the torso and the feet this crazy squiggly drawing somehow twists the body from facing forward (torso) to backwards (feet). It doesn't really make sense, but at the same time, it totally does.

In the past I've mostly used my body parts as source material for my paintings, without actually including the paper cut-outs (with the exception of one painting-- it's fourth from the bottom on my art page), so it was interesting for me to actually use the images of nudes instead of painting them myself. It was definitely fun to try out lots of little pieces until I found just the right ones. Kind of like dressing up a doll, except I was dressing up a drawing with body parts... hmmm, what does that say about me?

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