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Yesterday Chris posted some pictures of his family's farm in New Hampshire, and today I'm back with some more awesomely outdated farmhouse decor. Even though it is called "the farm" that does not mean there is any actual farming that happens there. It's really just an old farmhouse and barn on a bunch of lovely land in rural New Hampshire, and it is quite the blast from the past.

As Chris mentioned, the wallpaper is particularly epic. I put together a little compilation to share with you the amazing selection:

The big one in the middle with all the crazy vines and fruit-like leafy things is my all-time favorite. It covers all the walls in the large central hallway both downstairs and upstairs. Basically, if you want to walk from just about any room in the house to another, you will walk through some part of this fantastically wallpapered hallway. I don't know if I would even call it a hallway, because it is quite spacious, and includes the stairs. Anyway, that wallpaper = the best thing ever.

In some areas, where it gets direct sunlight, it has faded a lot to look more like this:

I took this photo (and the rest of the photos in this post) with my new ipod touch (woo hoo!), which I have been having a lot of fun playing with since I got it for Christmas. The light isn't particularly nice in most rooms, and it was cloudy outside, which didn't help things at all, so I apologize for the not-so-perfect pictures, but you get the point. I'm getting better at taking ipod photos the more I learn and practice, so if you have any good tips let me know!

That picture also features some awesome duck art, something that is strangely omnipresent at the farm. Why ducks? I do not know. But it's pretty great. Fits right in with the rustic country thing going on.

We have an answer to the duck decor mystery! One of Chris's cousins, Gretchen, sent me a message about the meaning behind the ducks, and it is really sweet:
"My grandmother, Helen, collected ducks. When she died, we brought her things to the farm and my mother unpacked them. It is another way to be close to her. It was her house and we vacationed there with her during the summers. The ducks above the fireplace were in her kitchen (mostly) and we played with the small ones all the time."
Thanks for sharing Gretchen! It all makes sense now :)

Here is a fantastic display of duck paraphernalia above the fireplace in the TV room. It's hard to see them, but in the fireplace the andirons are shaped like funny little walking men. Very silly.

Every time I see duck decor at yard sales I am sorely tempted to buy it and secretly add it to the farm to see if anyone notices...

That little cord hanging from the ceiling turns on the light... not my favorite part when it's dark out.

This photo gives a small taste of the lovely antique farmhouse architecture (look at those beautiful wide pine floors!) and furniture in combination with the epic wallpaper, rugs, and textiles. This is upstairs, looking from one bedroom through the hallway into another bedroom.

Bella loves being the center of attention, so she showed up to model this floral rug. If I tried, I definitely could not count all the florals in this house on one hand. Or two hands. Probably even three hands. It is out of control.

So cloudy and depressing outside. But I love those old paned windows! That's actually a mini orchard next to the house, but right now it is quite gray. Spring through fall this view is gorgeous. And when there's snow on the ground it's pretty, too. Where's the snow this year? Last year we were having waves of blizzards around now.

One last gratuitous Bella picture. She posed like this for about five minutes to make sure I got a good shot. In the background is another lovely fireplace. One of the best parts about old houses like this is the multitude of fireplaces. I LOVE fireplaces. I want one. Badly. Unfortunately I have to pretend our radiator is a fireplace in the apartment, but at the farm there's a fireplace in just about every room!

As you could probably tell by comparing these photos to our apartment, the farmhouse look isn't really my style, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't attracted the rustic charm of it all. It's kindof the perfect backdrop for a relaxing weekend in the country.

So what do you think about that wallpaper? The ducks? The fireplaces? Anyone else have a relaxing family new year's eve like us? It sure was hard to get up early and go to work this morning after all that time sleeping in!

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