Green and Glass

Julia and I love the idea of having a "living space" that is both growing organically as well as actually housing life.  Having both of us and Bella, our cat, in our space can feel like more than enough life in such a small space, but a little greenery has a very positive effect on any living space.  If we could manage it, we'd love to have some large indoor plants, but we are seriously lacking the necessary space and sunlight.  So instead of forcing a large plant into the dark corners of our space, we've acquired an assortment of different small plants that can live on our window sills.

Small plants on there own can be nice, but a bit underwhelming.  Coupled with a selection of strange glass vessels, however, they can make for a unique addition to a small space.  Also, if you're plants are in glass your cat can't eat them.

Air-plant and glass.
This large air-plant was one of our few purchases from the Brimfield Flea Market this past summer, and the glass vase was another yard sale find.  This cost me less than ten dollars.

Cactus, small glass bowl, strange glass sculpture, moss
This is one of my favorite assemblages; it cost me about $1.50, and that accounts for the strange blown glass and the small fish bowl. Both the cactus and the moss were free.  The best part of this piece is that the blown glass piece acts as a biosphere, it's like a miniature tropical forest in there at all times.  A tiny forest trumps a dollhouse any day.

I just bought these glass jars (seven of them); I plan on making small terrariums out of all of them.
With just a little water, some rocks, and a chunk of moss you too can make a self contained ecosphere, and these glasses only cost me two dollars a piece at Savers.  These are really fun and simple, and you can find glass containers like this at just about any thrift store if you're looking.
Interested? I'll send you one complete with moss and red brick stones for $7 + shipping. Just leave a comment or email me!

Glass blown into a metal frame/ awesome spot for my vintage marbles.
Ok, so I'm probably not fooling anyone here.  There are no plants in this glass structure, but I recently found this, and I had to post about it.  These iron and glass sculptures are my newest thrifty discovery; I had never seen them before a week or two ago, and now I've found several, but this is by far the coolest.

Someday I might make a terrarium out of this.
I had initially intended to make a moss terrarium out of this, but my vintage marbles look so nice in it; perhaps it should become a fish tank instead?

Small assemblage: metal frog base, strange glass, vintage marbles, and a glass mushroom.
Again, no plants, but another green and glass window assemblage.  This might have cost me around three dollars, but no individual part was over $1.

Large plant assemblage: small cactus, fishbowl, rocks, base to a plant pot, the top of a glass candle display, and a mid-century candle holder.
This is my most recent creation; It's the most complicated of my plant assemblages, and I feel that it's up there with the best of them.
The little cactus has been with me for years now; it even drove cross country with Julia and me a few summers ago.  The base is a mid-century candle holder, nesting on top of that is a plant base/tray, and the rocks were from my childhood collection of cool rocks.  Everyone has a cool rock collection... right?  Last, but not least, the fishbowl was a yard sale find, but it might have been free, and the piece of glass that is holding the cactus/nesting in the fishbowl is the top to a glass cylindrical candle display. All in all this assemblage probably cost me about five dollars.

Have you made any cool terrariums/plant assemblages?  Send us your links, and we'll post our favorites!

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  1. Love the air plant!! I ordered one off etsy, and it is thriving! Such a cool way to add greenery that is easy to care for!

    1. Thanks! I love most plants that can pretty much fend for themselves, but there is something about the graphic nature of air-plants that is just so cool.

  2. I love that first photo, with the big glass vase and air plant. I may have to steal that idea! ;) Great post!!! I wanted to find a small air plant to put in my dollhouse also. I thought that would be cute.

    1. Thanks Jessie! Like Lo mentioned, there are plenty of air-plants for sale on at very reasonable prices, and there are even some tiny ones perfect for bringing your dollhouse to life!

  3. "...A tiny forest trumps a dollhouse any day..." I see this little jab at dollhouses in Chris' post. I actually am a big fan of forests of any size, love your tiny forests, and am only confused by the allure of doll houses. But I have to admit that Julia's doll house is amazingly detailed.

    1. Hi Anne! I would have to agree, our dollhouse is very cool, but I think Jessie is right; it needs a plant.

  4. Wow! I love ALL of these. So cool. Thanks for the inspiration :)


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