A Farm-Fresh New Year

My family's farm is filled with some of the craziest things you have ever seen, but the wallpaper might be the most notable.
Happy New Year!  I'm sure you were doing something exciting, we however, were chillaxing at my family's farm in NH.  The farm is located in the village of Surry, New Hampshire... That's right it's so small it's a village.  The farm is so old that in our upstairs bathroom is a plaque declaring the site of the first flush toilet in the village of Surry.  Oh, did I mention that the farm is well over two hundred years old?  The decor might be just as dated, but it's so much fun to explore.  I hope you enjoy some photos from our visit.

I love that they just papered over the old wallpaper in this room.

I used to sleep in this room when I was younger.  The family calls it "the baby room", and it easily has some of the best wallpaper tears of all time.

These tiny photographs are in the strangest/ most awesome place ever, and your guess is as good as mine as to what those stains are from.

Here's the picture from the beginning of the post; we didn't feature the art in many of our pics, but they might be worth a post all their own.

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