Closet Crash

So today is my last day of winter break before I go back to teaching for the rest of the term.  Given that I was going to have a leisurely day of organizing the apartment, cleaning up our kitchen, and making some art/ watching movies, but nothing seems to be going as planned.  At around 7:00am this morning Julia was in the shower, and I woke up to a giant crash right next to me.  My closet had collapsed, and all of my clothes and all of my other suspended closet items slammed to the ground.

This was the view I abruptly woke to this morning.
Now, on top of the cleaning I was originally going to be doing today I have to pull everything out of my closet, and figure out a way to borrow a drill and remount everything in my closet.  lame.

Here you can see where the brackets ripped out of the wall.  I'll have to figure out what to do next, but I really need my closet back fast.

I've since pulled my entire closet off of the floor, but I can't put anything back in until I repair the damage.  Until then I have a huge pile of clothes and various other stuff on our bed, but the worst part is that I had just re-organized my closet last week.


  1. Wow, that just simply sucks. :(

  2. Ahhh! Oh no! I am in constant fear of this happening to me one day! I have a closet that's particularly overloaded and it's only a matter of time. Thank goodness it didn't do more damage to your drywall!

    1. Absolutely! The damage was relatively contained, and my landlord quickly sent her team over to "fix it", but I definitely do not want to wake up to that again. My closet shelf and bar are now held up on numerous brackets, and I've rearranged most of my heavy items to a more grounded location. So if all goes well this will not happen again, and I hope it doesn't happen to you!


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