Sofa Inspiration

We bought a little sofa today! We'll post more on that once we have pictures, but for now, here's some sofa inspiration-- the stuff we were enjoying as we hunted craigslist to no avail for the past month:

Gifts are great, but we'd rather be getting a couch for Christmas.

Our big problem is a lack space; we have about 70" to fit a couch in.

How could we not if we had the chance? It isn't very practical though.

Any piece of furniture that fulfills multiple purposes is a win in our book.

I love couches with multiple legs in front, but this is way too big.

Don't know about this one; I'm not sold on the legs. Julia likes it.

This is really nice, but it might be too large for our tiny space.

Wicked stylish and cool.

It has a pretty interesting shape, but we'd probably get it re-upholstered.

This is a bit too much, but the color is exciting.

Leather is a bit out of our price range... maybe around $100?

This piece looks very low, but that might not be bad.

Definitely interesting enough.

I'd definitely be excited about finding this. 

Its like the sofa version of our chairs.

We'd need a back, but this is nice.

It just looks so comfy!

Of course we were a bit limited by our tiny budget, but our new sofa is pretty awesome. Look forward to some pictures tomorrow!

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