Potato Stamp Gift Tags

We have some oldies Christmas music on the record player, and I'm back with another crafty Christmas project. What can I say, this time of year just gets me in the mood to make little crafty things. I'm not always like this...

This time I made really easy little potato stamp gift tags to put on my presents. Usually I would be at home in Oregon where my mom keeps a stock of pre-made to-and-from stickers, but this year I'm far away in Massachusetts trying to work with what I have to wrap presents, so I made my own. I think it adds a nice homemade, personal touch to my presents:

These gifts are now squished up in a box on their way to my family in Oregon. I haven't wrapped anything else, yet, so limited example pictures for now. 

I started by sketching a few simple designs until I came up with one I liked. I think my nice little star is neutral enough to work on any gift. Then I carved it into half a potato:

Same thing you did making potato stamps as a kid, but now you're probably more handy with the knife!

Then I busted out my old acrylic paints, which I probably haven't used since high school:

I mixed a bit of paint on a plate with a dab of water to keep it fluid enough, and stamped away!

Here's my potato in action. When my star didn't quite cover right, like on the upper left one in this picture, I just used my fingertip to rub the paint into place. For paper, I used some stuff I had lying around. They are 6 inch squares of normal drawing paper, and I did four stars on each piece of paper.

I started with lighter colors, and worked my way up to the blue, washing off my potato between colors

Here you can see my whole set-up. Paint spread out on a crappy little plastic plate, palette knife for mixing paint with a drop or two of water, my acrylic paints, my potato in the middle, and lots of stamped pages!

When I was done I had two sheets each of yellow, green, red, dark red, a warm blue, and a cool blue.

Acrylic paints dry super fast, so they were ready to use after about 10 minutes.

I used our little paper cutter to slice each sheet of paper in half, then folded them in half, so I have 3 inch square cards with a star on each side. I can either hole punch the corner and string ribbon through them, like I did for the gifts I already showed, actually, here they are again, so you don't have to scroll back up:

The other option would be to just tape them onto the top of a package. Either way, I simply write who the gift is for on the inside, and there's room for a little note if I want to add one, too! So cute and easy. I think the whole project took me about an hour from conception to completion. And it was free since I already had everything I needed! Yay!

Side note: I bought all the wrapping stuff shown in the picture from an estate sale this weekend. It wasn't a great sale overall, but I did grab some awesome glitter tissue paper and colorful ribbon for super cheap, so I'm happy.

Anyone else coming up with creative gift wrapping solutions? I would love to hear more ideas!

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