The Nifty Thrifty

It's been a while, but it might just be time... for the next Nifty Thrifty.

This past weekend we ended up at an estate sale filled with some very cool finds, including some glass jugs and an awesome vintage cooler bag that didn't make it into the pics for the post.

The top four pics are from our recent estate sale finds, but some are from past picking adventures. Almost all of these have become new additions to our Shop.

This set was made in 1933!
Bingo or Beano... Well? Which is it?

This elephant already has many admirers on Etsy.
I'd like to hear you argue that it's not cute.

Of course, a silly little frog container.
A sexy frog looking at you.

A giant seven inch paper clip.
Did I mention it's giant?!

A 1959 set of Parcheesi with all original pieces.
This game is like Sorry, but vintage... well, I guess we do have a 1950's set of Sorry, too... but Sorry doesn't look vintage like this.

A beautiful set of Go.
This game is awesome, and it also looks wicked cool.  That's right, wicked cool.

This telephone will make you look baller with its sleekly crafted German engineering.
I bought this phone along with a whole box of rotary phones at a yard sale a few weeks back, but I guess someone else might actually use it.  Off to Etsy.

This last find was also from the estate sale, but deserved special mention.

This is not for sale, it's rare and Swedish, and Julia is very excited to have found one.  Her family always had one of these while she was growing up, and it's just not Christmas without one.  It's a candle holder that spins and rings the bells when lit.  Besides the cherubs it's pretty cool.

Remember, almost everything is for sale on our Shop.  We can still ship in time for the holidays, but order soon!


  1. Ahh! I grew up with one of those candle holders too!! It was my absolute favorite growing up. Crazy! That elephant is awesome as well!

  2. I have to comment too that I had one of those in Finland growing up, too! They're so magical and lovely. I think we still have ours.


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