Me So Soupy

When I'm not feeling well, I love comfort food that actually makes me feel better (as in no dairy, so basically most of my favorite foods are out). When I was younger I was all about chicken noodle soup, but lately I have been leaning towards miso soup as my favorite "sick" food (sick as in disease, not "cool" like the kids are saying these days). Also, I get to say "me so soupy" in a whiny voice and it totally explains how I am feeling.

Trader Joe's has a decent instant miso soup mix that we have relied on in the past, but in my lovely homemade stocking I found a little bottle of "Minute Miso" on Christmas morning, and it is my new favorite thing. Chris informs me that Santa probably found this magical stuff at Whole Foods.

Yesterday I was feeling like I had a cold coming on, so in addition to the large amounts of Emergen-C I was consuming, I decided to try out the new miso soup.

I'm not a big seaweed-in-my-miso kind of person, so I skipped that part

Easiest homemade soup ever: I just chopped up one mushroom, one green onion, and a little slab of tofu. I heated up some water, added all the ingredients, stirred in a heaping tablespoon of the Minute Miso, and threw in a splash of soy sauce for good measure. Boom. Done.

the shy tofu sank to the bottom so you can't see it. 

So good! So much fresher and more exciting than the freeze dried stuff in the instant miso soup mixes. It took a little bit longer than the instant variety, but it was still only about five minutes, and the deliciousness was totally worth the extra work. The best part about miso soup is that every spoonful makes me feel healthier. Today my possible illness seems to be disappearing, to which I say YESSS. Who knows if the miso soup actually helped with that, but it definitely didn't hurt!

Just realized this post totally sounds like an ad, but I'm definitely not being paid to say anything here (I wish). I just wanted to share my miso soup success with the world!

Also, check out the super colorful placemats Chris's sister Rebekah got us for Christmas from Anthropologie, because she is smart and knows she could buy us pretty much anything at that store and we would be happy.


  1. Those place mats are really cool!! who bought them for you?? they must be really awesome!!

  2. Love the photos of yummy soup and colorful placemats here :) I love a quick and easy soup for a meal anytime! It's my go-to dish when I'm super busy.


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