Long Time No Blog - Photodump

Alright, I'll admit it, I've been a bad blogger, but I have been busy.  Here are some pics for your patience.


These first three are a few of my most recent Instax photos.  Unfortunately, I feel bad using the camera so much during the term, but I plan on bringing it on winter break with me...  That's right, winter break!

I love pumpkins, but there's nothing better than a rotten jack-o-lantern.  And no, the "8" was not intentional.

Vampire house?

I just needed to take a flash photo of this trash-bag.

These next three are simple scans of a clementine and two of my peelings.  I had my digital photography class play with this the other day.  So much fun!

I don't know what's better, the scan, or watching the clementine glow as it was being scanned.

This one definitely looks like a figure.  Perhaps it's waving at you... hi.

This kind of image comes up quite frequently in my art.  Maybe I'll devote my next post to my vertical figures.

Ok, so this is a very recent project, and by that I mean last night.  I decided to begin a very silly digital project in which I search for images of porpoise on google images; I then digitally manipulate them.  I'm calling the project, wait for it...
Finding Porpoise

This image is intended to be 24" tall, and something like 5' long.

I'm planning on posting a good amount of my older photo projects soon, but until then have a happy consumerism!  And remember, all of our work is for sale.  Just contact us!

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