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Ahhhhhhh! That's me thinking about how the dollhouse is supposed to be done by December 15. When did it get to be December? When did December 15th get to be next week? Not cool.

Well it has been quite a long time since my last dollhouse post, but I finally made some progress to share! If this is the first you have read about dollhouses around here, you can read all about my work on this crazy project here.

The majority of the work I did is in the living room, and I have to say, I'm quite proud:

Wallpaper, sofa, and paint, oh my!

For reference, here's a before picture of the space:

I started by constructing a sofa using some cardboard and a pair of grey pants (for the upholstery) I picked up at my school's annual rummage sale (shockingly cheap prices for faculty/staff at the "rummage rumble" the night before the sale officially opens = the best thing ever).

A few weeks or maybe months ago I recall glancing over some directions for making mini couches, but they were long directions, and I figured I would read them when the sofa was being made. But then I got excited about making a sofa and didn't really feel like reading a bunch of directions, so I just winged it. Probably could have turned out better, but I'm pretty pleased with what I made.

The sofa was based on this CB2 couch, which you may recall from my moodboard:

Apparently it only comes in yellow now. Find it here.

Of course mine ended up a little different, but I think it has a similar feel.

I started by using an exacto knife to cut out pieces of cardboard:

From the top down, there is the back piece, the two arm rests, a double layer of cardboard for the cushion, and the base.

Next up, the bane of my existence mini upholstering:

Maybe different glue would have been better. It was pretty terrible. Given the awfulness, I think it turned out okay once I put it all together (minus the legs):

So nice.

This is what the back looks like. It's also upside down. Whatever, it's against the wall.

Ah, yes. Some throw pillows make it look more comfy.

I didn't take pictures of adding the legs, but basically I took some wood skewers from the kitchen (like giant toothpicks) and sawed a bit off the ends (literally used a little saw for this. Chris laughed at me). The skewers had a tapered end which I wanted for my sofa legs. I stained them a darker brown, which didn't really take well, but at least they're darker than they were. I tried to just glue them to the fabric on the bottom of the sofa but then they were all wobbly, so I had to cut little holes in the fabric and glue the legs to the cardboard, which worked much better.

Look how nice that sofa looks in the living room!

I also painted the side walls and ceiling white and wallpapered the back wall, which was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I just measured the wall, used our little paper cutter to cut the two pieces of paper to the right size, then used spray adhesive to attach them, and my credit card to smooth them out on the wall with no air bubbles (yeah I'm classy like that). The base layer of paper is this crazy shiny metallic gold stuff that has a subtle flower embossing thing going on, which you can't see through the second layer, which is tissue-y white web-like paper that tones down the gold, but still lets a good amount of metallic shine through. Lots of texture. I like.

While I had the spray adhesive out I also re-sprayed the "cowhide" rug so it lays nice and flat again.

Wide shot of the downstairs. Those red chairs are going to change, but I might just keep the table blue. I definitely need some light fixtures, too. I'm still thinking of making an arc lamp for the living room, and I need to come up with a creative chandelier for the dining room. We're also going to put up one of Chris's polaroid photos above the sofa as some large-scale art, and a few little pieces of art in the dining room. I would love to make curtains, but I just don't know if I'll have time.

Also, while I was painting the living room white, I got a little excited...

And painted most of the exterior a nice dark grey. I had been planning on it for awhile, and I love it. There are a few places I missed or just left for another time, since it was getting late and I wanted to finish, like the end of that roof piece in this pic:

Didn't mean to not paint that, but I'll get it next time. But still, pretty awesome, right?

Obviously I haven't really done anything upstairs in the bedroom yet, so there's definitely a lot to do this week. We need to make tiny art for a gallery wall up there, make little things to go on the bookshelf, and I need to figure out how to sew mini blankets and pillows for the bed. Oh, and I need one more sheepskin rug to go next to the bed. Everyone should have one of those. It's the best thing to step on first thing in the morning.

I'm looking forward to finishing this thing! I'm so happy we got such a small dollhouse, because anything more than these two rooms would have been wayyy too much. As is, it was just a little bit too much, but I think we can handle it. And by "we" I mean "I", because how much has Chris really helped with the dollhouse? At least he'll have some art on the walls so we can call it "our" dollhouse!

Anyone else making their own furniture out there? Have a better strategy than mine? Any wallpaper-ers? Or just people freaking out that the deadline is next week?!?!

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  1. I plan to just take pictures of how far I did get, and leave it at that. lol My house is large and I need so much furniture to fill it!!! I have way to much work to do. I plan to just keep working on it past the deadline. I started making a bed frame out of cardboard and my sofa is from cardboard just like yours. I plan to make bookcases and everything myself, I just haven't had money or time. I need a few more months!! lol I love the wallpaper in your living room and your sofa turned out really cute!


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