I'm a Giant- Dollhouse Tour!

It's time for the big dollhouse tour! Not that it's very big, because the dollhouse is rather small, but you get the idea. It's big because I actually made my little dollhouse into a dollhome (ooooh bad joke) within the original time frame! It could definitely use even more work and details to be spectacular, but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. If you haven't seen the rest of my dollhouse-in-progress posts, you can find them all here.

Let's go on the tour!

YAY finished dollhouse!

Remember when we bought it (for $1 at a yard sale) and threw in a few furnishings (which we bought for about $15 at an antique store in New Hampshire), and it looked like this:

First of all, why is that picture so darn yellow? That's just unnatural... 

Then after several months of painting, staining, flooring, cutting out rugs, digging through kids toys at yard sales, making tiny things like sofas, books, and artwork, we ended up with this:

Soooo very different. Soooo much better!

 Here it is from above. I actually like only having a hint of roof, so you can see into the bedroom better. It gets much nicer light that way.

A good angle shot. Look at that fancy grey exterior. I even touched up the end of the roof that I forgot to paint last time. Unfortunately that was the only paint I had time to fix, so the trim in the bedroom is a bit unfinished, but it's close enough for me! I might touch that up eventually and maybe even make more little things to go on the shelves and tables. We shall see... for now I am definitely taking a long break from tiny things. 

Let's start our tour inside with the downstairs:

There it is. The hand says "hi!" Our dollhouse inhabitant (the storm trooper?) must be quite the art aficionado since he/she owns lots of original art and a giant hand sculpture.

I love how you can see the shine of the wallpaper in this photo. Mostly it comes across as a muted gold, but when the light hits it, BAM! Shiny...

Here's the living room, featuring:
-Photograph by Chris -- check out his art page here
-Sofa made by me (Julia) -- see how I made it here
-Coffee table bought at the antique store in NH, with shells Chris owned
-Arc lamp made my me, attached to blue lucite block Chris owned (he has the weirdest little things...)
-Brass chair (actually a bottle opener from Anthropologie) owned by Chris
-Cow rug made by me, and throw pillows made by me (ok, they're not really pillows, but I didn't have time to sew real ones so they're just cut out of the fabric I would use... it's the idea that counts!)
-Hand Chris already owned

This is the view from the "front door" otherwise known as the opening in the wall on the side of the dollhouse. Gives a good view of my epic arc lamp. I have loved those lamps ever since I first laid eyes on a picture of one... I wanted more of a half dome type shade, maybe metal or enamel, but the drum shade was much, much easier.

Turning our attention to the right, let's move into the dining area:

-Original mini art made by me (the top one is dabs of oil paint which was still wet in these photos, and the bottom one is collaged paper. I learned that it's hard to do much more than abstract art at this tiny size. --check out my real artwork on my art page here
-White Orblando style chandelier made by me (before I said I wasn't going to make one of these, since another dollhouser had already done it before I got around to it, but then a few days ago I gave up and just made my own. Of course I didn't read Orlando's excellent directions and just did it a totally different way, and then sprayed it white, so mine actually ended up quite different, I would say)
-Table and chairs bought at the antique store in NH, chairs were spray painted white by me (such an annoying process last night...)
-Table runner and rug cut out of fabric I already had. You can't really see it, but the chairs all have little cushions, which is the same black and white fabric on the sofa throw pillow. It looks awesome on them.

Dining room close up. Simple, but nice.

Moving on up, let's head to the bedroom:

-Lots of original artwork made by us! Clockwise starting lower left: collage using National Geographic magazine by Julia, collage using paper by Julia, photograph by Chris, oil pastel drawing by Julia, ink drawing by Chris, and photograph by Chris.
-Headboard is a little tray we already had
-Bedding sewn by me using fabric we already had, and underneath it all is a little picture frame standing in as a bed frame
-Elephant and incense holder stacked to make abstract bedside table (Chris already owned both)
-Bookshelf bought at NH antique store (the weird apple thing is attached, and I couldn't get it off)
-Mini books made by me
-Awesome gold chair bought at yard sale for less than $1
-Two "sheepskins" cut out of fabric I already had

I love the bedroom. I just want to hang out in this room. Maybe cuddle up on the bed or in the chair and read one of those books...

That's all folks! Smallest house ever.

What do you think?? Do you like all the finishing touches I added this week? What do you think it needs to really complete it?


  1. It is SO CUTE! I can't believe what you did with that little thing. Great job. I was hoping the storm trooper would be in the last picture though, shown enjoying his newly remodeled house. :)
    I'm so jealous of your rugs, and that headboard is awesome. What is it made out of?

  2. I love it! I love all the artwork that you put in it. Really makes it personal. You took great pictures of the interior. Very cute! Love the gold wallpaper!

  3. Awesome!! Applause for making the real deadline!

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments!!

    @Christina - the headboard is just a little brass tray Chris bought for himself at Savers (like Goodwill or Salvation Army thrift stores) awhile back. It's probably meant to be used for holding things like jewelry or coins, but it works great as a headboard! We used a lot of little things we already had lying around, since we have tons of strange stuff that Chris collects (don't tell him, but he's kindof like a tiny things hoarder...) And you will be happy to know that the storm trooper is currently hanging out on his custom couch. You're totally right that I need to throw in a picture of him!

    @Jessie - I've been working hard at trying to improve my pictures, so thanks for noticing! I bought a daylight bulb, which I put in a normal lamp and place about a foot or two away from the dollhouse while taking pictures with a normal digital camera. Super easy and works great, so I can take pictures without real natural light!

  5. I love all the original art on the walls - nice touch by Julia and Chris! The chandelier, the little books and bed are particularly sweet.

  6. Hard to believe this was a year ago! Are you two interested in redecorating it? I'm bringing back the challenge, with prizes this time. Feel free to join in! http://www.littlevictorian.com/2012/11/the-first-annual-undersized-urbanite.html


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