Christmas Tree Love

I'm in love with our Christmas tree, as you have probably noticed from my ornament-making craze... so now that our tree is officially full of ornaments and done (until I find another ornament that I just can't live without...), I thought I would share some pictures of my beloved, and maybe a few notes about the ornaments.

Here she is:

Notice the adorable polar bear ornament in the lower left. I bought him at West Elm last week on sale for $5! Just couldn't resist. It looks like he's not available online, but they have tons of amazing ornaments at good prices both online and in stores. Also in this shot are one of my Oregon love ornaments, my felted fox, my map ornament based on Emily Henderson's holiday special, and a hilarious chicken that Chris received last year (his family has real chickens...).

Here we have my awesome snow cloud ornament and another Oregon love ornament. In the middle is a snowflake ornament my mom sent me for our tree. My family has a bunch of them, so I was more than pleased to add another bit of home to our tree, and it is extra special because my mom crocheted it a long time ago, so it's like a vintage homemade family heirloom! In the lower left is the other ornament I bought at West Elm last week for another $5, and I believe this one was handmade in Haiti and some of the proceeds go back to charity for Haiti. Also not available online, but probably still in stores (along with similar ones shaped like birds and trees).

This picture features one of my paper gem ornaments, and gives a little peek at the second map ornament I made. For that one I used a new map (as opposed to the vintage 1930's one I used on the first one), but I really liked the combination of colors, and that the ornament shows the average household income by state in the US as of the 2010 census... you can learn something from this ornament!

Also, in the background of this photo you can see a jug of apple cider on the heater that we are fermenting into hard apple cider. Yum!

Here's a better view of another one of my paper gem ornaments, and a different angle on the US census map ornament. In the far upper right you can see one of my basic felt ornaments, the first ornaments I made this year! The little bird cage tucked in on the right side was a yard sale find.

A downward view of the whole shebang. So festive! And yes, there is a "teahouse" tea ball hanging on our tree. We actually bought that at a yard sale with the idea of using it as an ornament in mind. There's another normal tea ball hiding on the tree somewhere, too! We do love our tea.

Also, in case you noticed that the tree looks very tall in these pictures, that's because it's standing on our orange ottoman so it would be high enough to get better light and thus take better pictures. Usually it's about a foot and a half lower to the ground.

Finally, the full view. There's the other tea ball in the lower left. We love the combination of colors on the tree. We think it feels relatively cohesive, while still being very eclectic with a story behind every ornament. I know I've never been much of a fan of Christmas trees with super coordinated ball ornaments that don't have any sentimental value. I'd rather have a crazy fun tree like ours!

What do you think about Christmas tree decorating? Traditional, minimal, homemade, eclectic? Something else?


  1. hey guys! I just kinda stumbled upon your blog today...how so? by typing in snow cloud (my name is snow..and my bf is cloud! lol) anyways i think you blog is great! i loved the mini snow cloud tree decor..i'll be attempting to make one myself some time soon (probably as a gift to my bf haha!) i think its so cute!! i just wanted to say hi..because i blog aswell and i know i'm always curious about the peoe who read my blogs.. i look forward to your posts, keep it up..u have a new follower \^_^/ yay!!

  2. @Jeniniooo - hello and welcome to our blog! thanks for joining and leaving a comment! I totally love hearing from everyone who stops by. And you should definitely try making a snow cloud - I posted really detailed instructions if you're an instruction-following kindof person (I'm totally not, but I figured I would put them up for anyone who is!). I'm really proud because I just sold one of my snow clouds on Etsy! The other one is, of course, happily hanging on my own Christmas tree :)


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