Tree Toppah

Did you see our awesome mini Christmas tree? Isn't it so happy and fantastical?! The answer is yes.

As Chris mentioned, I quickly sewed up the topper (or toppah, as people might pronounce it around here... oh, Boston), because it just looked so bare without something up there.

Here it is!

It amuses me quite a bit. It's almost like a cartoon of what a tree topper star would be. It's a caricature of itself.

It was really pretty easy, and I just used materials I already had, so it was effectively free! The best price.

The overall concept goes like this: There are two white stars sandwiching a yellow star in between. The yellow star and the back white star contain a pocket for the treetop to slide into. There is stuffing between the yellow star and the front white star to give it volume. Confusing? Maybe the how-to will help...

This is what I did:
(by the way, I was kindof making it up as I went along, so I'm amazed it worked out as well as it did...)

A very unattractive photo showing how I sketched out what I wanted on a piece of paper, pinned it to my felt, and cut around it. The first star I drew wasn't big enough, which is why there is an inner star on my stencil. What you can't see is that the white folds around behind the yellow, so I actually cut out two layers of white and one of yellow.

Then I sewed the back white piece (which is underneath the yellow) to the yellow piece. I just sewed where the top of the treetop pocket would be, since that is the only place where the back white piece and yellow piece would not be attached to the front white piece. Now that I'm looking at it, this picture is upside down. The U-shaped stitching actually goes the other way on the tree.

I didn't end up with a good picture of the middle step, but it went like this: After the point where the above picture was taken, I put the front white star on top of the yellow/back white pieces and continued sewing (all three pieces together) down the side of the lower point. When I got to the base of the point, I stopped sewing the back white star, and just sewed the yellow star and the front white star together, until I got to the base of the other lower point. After that I sewed all three layers of star together for the rest of the border.

When I got close to the end, I stuffed little bits of polyester fiber stuffing into the space between the yellow star and the front white star. Then I stitched it all up and tied off, being sure to hide my threads safely inside the star.

And it actually worked!

From this angle you can see how the yellow star is really just an accent color along the edge, since it is sandwiched between the two white stars.

Here is the backside:

Wow... the stitching is really ugly on the backside. Definitely wasn't thinking about making
that side look good!

Hopefully this helps clear up any questions about those confusing sewing directions I wrote. From the back you can see where I sewed the upside down U in the middle, didn't sew the bottom at all, and then sewed around the rest of the outside edge. And since this white felt is quite thin and cheap, you can almost see the tip of the tree in that pocket.

Here's a view from the bottom of the ornament into the pocket:

This picture shows the back of the ornament, and from this angle you can see how the yellow star is attached to the front white star on the bottom.

Good stuff. Love my star. Love our tree. Love it all!

Now for a random side note. Let's rewind a few days to Christmas tree shopping!

Chris examines the tree that we would eventually choose (it's that one right in front that he's reaching for).

Then Chris is like, "why are you taking pictures of me?!"
and I'm like, "take a picture of me with the trees, Chris!!"
and he's like, "why? ... ok, fine ... [looking at camera screen] wow, it's really blown out, I don't know if this is going to work [click!]"
and I'm like, "hey! I wasn't ready yet!"

Then we decided the light was too weird and we stopped trying to take pictures. And... I got home and looked at the pictures and decided they were going up anyway! Yay awkward mini Christmas tree shopping pictures!

Has anyone else gotten their tree yet? We saw lots of trees on top of cars this weekend. Our tree had to sit in my lap (ok, it was by my feet, but the tree was basically in my face). I'm convinced it is more spiky than a normal Christmas tree. I don't remember Christmas trees being that poky...

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  1. cool. what a creative way to create a tree topper! never would have thought to use fabric. Genius! :)


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