Shooting Impossible.(Art)

I have recently become a long term photogrpahy substitute teacher at a nice private high school, and it's been making me want to make more art.  Two polaroid spectra cameras have just been given to me by an art teacher at the school, and I decided that this finally gave me a reason to buy some Impossible film.  The Impossible Project is a collective that recieved all of Polaroid's processing equipment when they went bankrupt; they are now making their own film for the old polaroid cameras.  I have wanted to try this film out for a long time, but it's expensive; they sell at $23 for a pack of 8 photographs.  Also, apparently Fuji is now selling an instant camera series at fairly reasonable prices... I'm not in the market yet, but let's just say I'm interested.

Here are some of the pictures I've taken with one of the Spectra series Polaroid cameras and Impossible color shade film.

The church Salem is tearing down outside our windows

This is my favorite image from the set so far, but it looks like there might be two issues with this camera that are hindering the quality of the prints: a light leak (dots on the left of the pics), and perhaps a stain on the mirror in the camera body (best seen in the images below as an uneven yellow discoloration).

The essential Bella shot.

a lit-up birch

discarded tomatoes 

repair store

I also have an old 600 OneStep Polaroid that I will be testing once I've finished this set.  There is definitely something wrong with these photos, but I'll be trying the other Spectra and 600 cameras before I blame the film.

This is what the Spectra camera looks like with my comfy new $1 camera grip.  I picked up this wooden-handled camera grip yesterday at a photographer's barn sale; the polaroid was definitely not the grip's intended purpose, but I love having the extra stability, weight, and hardwood.

This camera feels like something from Star Trek.

Here is the OneStep 600 camera I will be shooting with next; I also bought this for $1 at a yard sale:

I love that the Impossible film matches this camera.

Check back for more polaroid exploits later!


  1. Check the rollers for dirt or corrosion about the spots on the prints. Good luck!

  2. Yep... It was the film.
    I did check the rollers and they were beautiful unlike the other Spectra series camera I have, but I cleaned that, and I might buy another pack of film for. Until then...
    I tried out the 600 size film, and only really liked one image (check it out on my artist page) because of further issues with the film and my lack of experience with Polaroid cameras; I probably should have set my OneStep to the darker setting, but I will hold off until I've shot my expired original polaroid film!
    Wish me luck!

  3. I like how the pictures are not that good quality, it looks cool, especially in the birch one


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