Ornament-ing Away

I've been writing a lot recently about how excited I am about decorating our first Christmas tree this year and all the ornament-making that has begun in preparation. I saw this ornament in Emily Henderson's holiday gift guide (definitely check that out for some fun gift ideas!), and immediately pinned it on Pinterest to make for our tree:

I busted out the vintage maps I bought at a yard sale awhile back to use for my collages and bought a pack of 10 basic round ornaments at A.C. Moore for $3, which resulted in a "50% off any item" coupon valid a few days later. I went back to A.C. Moore at the appropriate time and used my coupon to buy a little 1" circle hold punch for half off, which ended up being about $5.

Et voila!

In the background of this image is my lovely art room at work. 

My very own beautiful map ornament! Emily clearly used some text pages mixed in and used a whiter color palette, whereas I just used the map to give it more color. I used lots of the Mediterranean Sea to mix a good amount of blue in with the warmer colored land areas (mostly the Middle East... amusing).

Here I am gluing on the pieces with regular Elmer's glue:

And from another angle:

I kindof love how the map looks with all those holes cut in the edge.

I didn't take step-by-step pictures, partly because it wasn't my original idea, and partly because I was just so excited I didn't want to stop, and Chris didn't get home until the point where these pictures were taken!

For anyone who wants to make one, the basic process was:
1. Cut out a TON of circles. It took way more than I thought. Definitely invest in a circle cutter.
2. Start at the bottom of the ornament. I put one circle flat on the bottom, then worked up from there, overlapping pieces irregularly to make it a bit more organic. I put glue on about the top 1/3 of the circle, then stuck it wherever I wanted.
3. Work your way up the ornament, making sure every bit of the original ornament is covered.

That's it! Not very difficult, but it does take a good amount of time to put together.

I'm quite in love with mine. Here's how it will look on the Christmas tree:

So pretty! I can't believe that a week from now it will be past Thanksgiving and time to get our tree! I need to make more ornaments and fast...

I actually spent some time today making more awesome ornaments, this time with clay! In a week or two they will be all fired and glazed and I will post about them.

Check out all my posts about ornaments here!

Anyone else making homemade ornaments for the holidays? Getting excited for holiday decorating?

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  1. your map ornament is just lovely! what a great idea. enjoying your blog, dear.

  2. aww thanks! I made another one using part of a 2010 US Census Map. It amuses me that my ornament shows median family incomes by state... You'll see it on our Christmas tree when Chris posts pictures soon!

  3. That is so pretty -- and I love the maps! thanks for sharing and linking up!


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