It's Alive-ing Space: a corner re-addressed

The other day we finally realized our furniture mismanagement.  We switched out my old nightstand for the blue record shelf, and moved our triangle shaped side table into our triangle shaped gap between the chairs.  and... poof!

So much more open.  Bella approves.

This Lane side table was my first great (cheap) furniture find, and it fits so well into this space.  Also, I never thought I'd like a basket, but the one in the table's storage is made of chinese newspaper (also... I took chinese).  

Can you spot the Rhinupird? Very rare.
Hint: it's on my old nightstand.

The shark is probably my favorite yard sale find.
It has real teeth, and a beautiful check/crack in the wood.


  1. That shark is pretty awesome! I love that table between the chairs, it fits so perfect.


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