I'm a Giant- Update

It has been awhile since our last dollhouse update, and there have been quite a few changes to the basics since then, so here's the latest:

We did some painting, flooring, and staining!

Here I am in my super attractive painting clothes working on staining the wood. I bought a little tiny can of Walnut stain, which looked fantastic on the blonde wood trim and absolutely horrendous on the floors. It was a mucky grey color you can sort of see in this picture. Yuck.

While I had the plastic out, I whipped out my grey paint that I used on my cabinet painting project, and painted over the red beams (which were driving Chris insane), and the upstairs bedroom wall.

Watching some bad tv while flooring the house

Next up, I decided something had to be done about the now horrifically ugly floors. I dug up some giant popsicle sticks, cut off the rounded edges, busted out the wood glue, and BOOM. Wide plank pine floors. Yummy.

This time I planned ahead a little better and tested out the stain on a few spare popsicle sticks before I went crazy in the house. There must be some weird chemical on those sticks because after wiping away the extra stain, the popsicle sticks had that same sickly grey color. So we decided to keep our pine floors au natural. They would have looked nice dark, but I actually love them the way they are, too. I have always wanted some wide plank hardwood floors, and now I have them... in miniature.

A close-up of the upstairs bedroom. Obviously most of the furniture is missing, but I didn't want to clutter up the picture with the unmade bed, etc. This way you can see the beautiful floors, painted wall, amazing gold modern chair we bought from a little girl at a yard sale for $1 (that dollar included a few other awesome little things, too... now that's a deal), and my beautiful "sheepskin" cut out of some fluffy off-white fabric.

Here's the downstairs. The back wall is currently the same material as the floor used to be, so you can see how ugly the stain looks on that stuff (don't worry, we're wallpapering). And you can check out my awesome cowhide rug. For that guy, I looked up a picture of a cowhide rug, then drew the shape on a piece of cow-print fabric with a disappearing ink pen (made for sewing projects). I cut it out, sprayed the back with spray adhesive, and let the glue dry for a good few minutes before I stuck it down. It stuck just gently, which made it look more like a real rug, but then I had to lift it up to lay down the flooring, so now I need to re-spray it. It looks strangely wrinkly right now, but I swear it's amazing when properly glued.

I love how the stain looks on the ladder! It all looks so much nicer than it did before. Definitely starting to come together.

Lately we have been incredibly busy (and more than a little stressed out) with everything that is going on in our lives in the work and school arena, so we haven't had much extra time to devote to our lovely little dollhouse. But there are definitely plans in the works for wallpapering downstairs, painting a darker grey on the rest of the exterior, making mini art, and putting together a few pieces of furniture, lighting, etc.

While I was doing all these mini home renovations, I had to temporarily evict our little homeowner:

He seemed ok hanging out on the desk with all of his worldly possessions for a bit, but you never know with this guy...

To everyone else working on dollhouses out there: how is yours coming along? Do you think you'll be finished in a month (eek)? I'm also curious about other flooring solutions people came up with...


  1. Nice changes! I'm so impressed with what you've done with the little place. I think the Storm Trooper will be happy with the renovations.
    I posted about my flooring here:
    Totally don't think I'll be finished in a month. But I'm having a whole lot of fun, so I'm cool with that. Look forward to seeing your wallpaper choice!

  2. There is no way I will be done next month. I am not going to rush myself either! I want to keep the project FUN and not let it stress me out with a deadline. :) I am just to busy to devote the time needed for the dollhouse. I love the way yours is looking! The wood floors turned out great.

  3. Thanks! It definitely has a ways to go, and who knows if we'll actually make it to the deadline, either. I'm hoping for a big push over Thanksgiving weekend, but we'll see. Homework for my grad classes might take precedence... I agree that it's totally worth it for the fun, though!


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