Hello Social Networking, How are You?

You may have noticed that the right sidebar has been slowly growing with new buttons and links. It definitely needs some organizing still, but we're working on it. We've been spending a good amount of time on expanding a living space onto other social networking sites, so if you're into Twitter, Facebook, and/or Pinterest you should most definitely check out our new goings-ons (is that a word?). This blog is still the main gig around here, but each site adds a different element to our pack of cards. Here's a quick round-up of what you'll find at each site:

1. Twitter

Follow a_living_space on Twitter

We mostly tweet about four subjects: what's going on here at the mothership (this blog), great giveaways we find on other blogs, links to cool sites, articles, etc that we find online, and random musings related to our art-making, apartment decorating, thrifting lives.

2. Facebook

Right now we just use our facebook to update our facebook friends about new posts, but we are trying to connect it to twitter so our tweets would show up on facebook (it hasn't been working so far, but we'll figure it out), and we'll probably use facebook in other exciting ways in the future.

3. Pinterest

Follow Me on Pinterest

Our newest and favoritest (yes, favoritist) site is Pinterest, despite all its technical issues. We pin photos of awesomely decorated spaces, things we want for our apartment, cool art, DIY ideas, and anything else that strikes our fancy. Right now we're taking part in Dwell Studio's Modern Thanksgiving contest on Pinterest, so we have pinned images relating to how we would set up our perfect (you guessed it) modern Thanksgiving table. Here's a little taste of that:

We own these plates (and bowls, and saucers...) but we found this pic on Etsy

Chalkboard candles from West Elm (we would obviously draw different things on ours)

Amazing capiz shell chandelier. It's like the upgraded awesome version of our lampshade.

There's a lot more on Pinterest, so check it all out there!

I'm quite proud of all our fancy shmancy new social networking madness. Usually I'm oddly old-fashioned when it comes to new technologies, which seems strange since I'm constantly online. I just take forever to convince myself it's a good idea. I don't have an i-pod. Or a smart phone. Or an i-pad. Or an e-reader. I do have a lovely apple laptop, but that's about it. I like books, newspapers, and magazines. When I travel on airplanes (or buses or trains for that matter) I use a personal CD player. Remember those? They're great. I'm getting to the point where I would love an i-pod, but they're kinda spendy and we all know I hate spending money. Earlier this year I was actually waiting for the summer deal (free i-pod with purchase of computer for students and teachers), because my laptop is quite aged at this point, but they didn't do it this summer! Boo mac.

Point is, we've finally jumped on the bandwagon, and look at us now. Blogging, tweeting, facebooking, pinning... it's crazy. We could definitely use some love and followers, though. If you have a Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest that we should be following, let us know! We would love to connect with more bloggy people out there!

By the way, the "Shop" links in the sidebar will be changing soon, too. Chris and I each had our own Etsy accounts all set up before we put together the official a living space shop, so we ended up with all our stuff divided across three shops. Way overcomplicated. We will be consolidating everything into the a living space shop soon!

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