Getting Festive

As soon as the turkey and stuffing were gone...

Bella loves her spot next to the tree and the shark; she can often be found sleeping on the warmth of the radiator.

Julia and I have been together for four years now, but this is the first year that we will spend Christmas together.  And Christmas means a tree.  A little tree, and because of our love of all forms of life... a live tree, which we plan on planting once spring comes around.  But until then, check out how cool it looks!

If our tree has lensless glasses does that make it a hipster?

As you have probably already figured out, Julia has been thinking about this tree for months, and has been working like crazy to fill it with only the coolest and most crafty handmade ornaments imaginable.  

A snow cloud ornament just like the one on our tree is available for purchase at our shop!

She even made the felted star to go atop our lovely tree, but she'll have more to say about that later.

Are you getting in the x-mas mood, too? If you also live in a tiny space let us know how you're approaching the holidays!


  1. That tree is so cute! Looks great in your apartment.

  2. Awesome tree and decorations!
    Watch out for the "killer cat" All of our cats had a great time batting decorations that hang within reach. Bella does look so innocent sitting there, but while you're out the cats do play.

  3. love your kitty! that's a really cool tree you decorated :)

  4. Thanks everyone! We love our little tree. We thought we were in the clear with Bella since she seemed to completely ignore the tree, until yesterday when she started batting at my felted fox. Nooooooo!


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