Foxy Felting

Today I made the most adorable thing EVER.

As you can tell, I'm quite in love with my new foxy friend:

Say it with me now, "Awwwwwww!"

I made him by needle felting, so he went from a pile of wool fluff (called roving) to this awesome little dude in a few hours of poking, prodding, and stabbing. Mostly stabbing. But that's how it's supposed to be done, so don't worry, I wasn't going crazy or anything.

He's about 2.5" tall and 5" long.

I learned all about how to do make it from this great book:

buy this book on Amazon here

If you want to make your own little felted animals (as the title suggests), I would definitely recommend buying this. It's a pretty cheap book and it has simple directions for how to make a bunch of adorable little guys, including my fox.

Here's how it went down:

I didn't take any pictures before this point, because a. it was too exciting to stop, and b. it looked mostly ridiculous and like a blob of fluff (as seen on the right) until then.

The basic idea of needle felting is to use barbed felting needles (on the left: they have little bitty hooks on the needle part, hence "barbed") to repeatedly stab the wool roving. The hooks on the needles grab the wool fibers and weave them together, so the more you stab, the more solid your felted thing becomes. Make sure you work on a thick piece of foam so you don't stab yourself, or break your needle.

I started by taking a bunch of the rust colored wool, rolled it up into the body shape, and stabbed it into submission my desired form. Then I did the same with a smaller piece of wool to make the head shape, leaving a bit of un-felted wool at the neck area, which I then stabbed into the body to attach the two together.

Let's talk about legs:

For legs, the book recommended using some piping inside the legs to stabilize it, but I didn't have piping and it worked out fine. I just rolled up a bit of wool, and (you guessed it) stabbed it until it was right. It will start to get stuck to the foam, so you just have to roll it frequently, and once it gets more solid it won't be a problem anymore. Like with the head, make sure to leave some un-stabbed felt at the top for attaching the legs to the sides of the body. I attached a bit of brown wool to the bottom of the legs to make the feet.

Once all my legs were attached, I added little bits of wool to the body to adjust the shape. I thought about how the rib cage and stomach would look and felted accordingly, then added the muscles at the tops of the legs where they connect to the body. If I wanted an area to be flattened, I just stabbed it until it receded as much as I wanted. Don't you wish real bodies worked like that? Minus the stabbing... maybe with a more comfortable method.

Disturbing. I swear I'm bringing him to life, not killing him.

Then it was time for details. I made little triangular ears and added teeny dots of white to the insides. In this picture one ear has been attached, and the other is ready to go, lying on the foam. I took a thin piece of white and attached it to his tummy all the way up to his chin.

At this point I also added his fluffy tail. The book recommended attaching a piece of white first, then covering all but the tip with the rust colored wool. This was much easier said than done. It was really hard to cover the white and still maintain the little white tip. I left it mostly un-felted, but I did throw in a few jabs of the needle to loosely hold things together.

A few tiny bits of brown for eyes and a nose, and he was born:

My beauteous fox.

Here's a side view. I'm more than a little bit infatuated with him (don't tell Chris). Just kidding, Chris knows, and he's okay with the relationship.

Anyway, I'm thinking of stringing him up on our Christmas tree as an ornament, and then after Christmas I'll turn him back into a free-standing guy, and we'll find a good spot for him to hang out in the apartment.

Anyone love foxes as much as I do? Or have you tried felting before? I totally recommend it. Great way to get out pent-up aggression (all that stabbing...), and then you get an adorable new friend (or whatever else you choose to make).


  1. Love needle felting! Your little fox is adorable. I've got a little sea otter that I made, I'll have to send you a picture :)

  2. @ Stephanie - definitely send me a pic! I love sea otters!

  3. Oh my gosh, I love this fox!! Clever you. I don't think I would have the patience to make him but he would fit perfectly in my front room :)


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