The Nifty Thrifty

Over the past few weekends we have hit the yard sales hard, and it has payed off.  On October 1st Julia and I returned with a brand new pair of skis and bindings valuing at over $500 (purchased by me for $75), a great hand-carved victorian chair worth at least $150 which Julia picked up at the remarkably low price of $20, and a bunch of other great little things (More on our last Nifty Thrifty).  We felt very successful that day, but the following weekend....

This is a styled image of the same credenza we just bought: found here.

After driving around for most of the morning we stumbled upon an unlisted sale.  We poked around a bit without much interest until I spotted this piece of mid-century furniture hiding under a pile of assorted things.  I promptly inspected it, and hurried Julia over to confer with her that I was not seeing things; and within minutes we were negotiating with the owner.  She informed us that the credenza had been her mother's who had recently passed away, and that she was not interested in keeping this mid-century piece because she has a taste for "antiques".  We were not going to argue, and soon enough we were in the basement of her house looking at the second half of the set, a glass display hutch that sits on top of the credenza.  We finalized the deal, and agreed to give her $75 for the set (we estimate the value between $600-$1200+).  This two piece set is a product of Craddock Dependable Furniture made in the late 1950's.

Here is what it looks like in our space.  The lighting is terrible, but the piece is amazing.

This is the top half of the piece; it replaced the random pile of crappy furniture that once crowded our front hallway.

Unfortunately, with the addition of this new piece of furniture comes the problem of unsightly cords and the dvd player which were previously almost hidden by the coffee table that housed our electronics.  Julia has bravely taken on the task of somehow concealing our newly visible mass of wires, and will keep you updated on her progress.

Also making an appearance in these pictures is our new dollhouse which we purchased for $1 at the same sale as the Craddock pieces.  

This mini living space will be a new feature of the blog in the near future as you can probably tell by the already well populated space ("I'm a Giant" blog challenge!).

Some additional purchases from this weekend:

The vintage skateboard perched atop this wine rack was also purchased from the same yard sale for $1!

Julia Purchased these two place settings (one plate is not shown b/c it was in use) 1950's era set of Marcrest "Blue Nordic Mint" plates and bowls for $10.

Check back later for more thrifty finds.

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